Roddy Pérez Group with six films by 2022

After successfully participating in the Marché du film at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival and the 2021 New York Film Festival, where he won the Special Press Award, Roddy Pérez Group defines 2022 as his best film year.

His alliance with co-executive producers Rajat Sharma (India) and Bradley Bixler (United States) bet on a visceral story that will be called Hotel Paraíso, which obtained the development fund from HBO.

With six important films in the portfolio, Roddy Pérez has four films to be distributed in theaters and international streaming, as well as two other films for exclusive exhibition on YouTube, through the Elefant Universe platform, according to a press release.

Among the films that go to theaters and streaming are in final development, Super Motoconcho (Comedy of entanglements), “Me quiero no me quiero” (Romantic Comedy), Luis Terror Días (Biopic) and Hotel Paraíso (Drama), for the direct distribution on YouTube Zombies in San Juan and the Ozama Documentary.

Roddy Pérez is the first Dominican to attend the Berlinale Talents at the Berlin Festival.

He was recently responsible for producing the 2020 Oscar Awards, in its television broadcast for the Dominican Republic with the participation of Miralba Ruiz, Glency Féliz, Miguel Cunillera, Radhamés Espíritu and Keyther Estévez.

Pérez received the Lab award from the Morelia Festival and the Epifanio Lantigua Award, he is also a winner of the Ibermedia Fund and nominated for the Soberano and La Silla Awards.

“My strength is to make things happen and to happen with the highest quality standard, betting on the values ​​and the country brand,” says Pérez, who has undertaken important actions with his team for prestigious global brands.

2022 represents the launch of the entertainment platform Elefant Universe, which bets on film and music, it has already launched its third album called Station: Me, together with the American singer Taisha with a total of 11 songs in its mostly in English.

Station: Me, under the Vlikdi Music and Elefant Universe label, is available on all digital platforms, and released two music videos last Monday for two of its promotional singles “Cheka” and “Ea”.

These were filmed in locations in Las Terrenas and El Limón, Samaná, under the production of Audiovisual Dominicana and the direction of the Kasaja filmmaker, Nurgul Shayakhmetova.

“What is happening when receiving so many parallel blessings, having important entertainment projects, all working optimally and exponentially simultaneously, is the result of our planning in the conception of Roddy Pérez Group and defining where we want to direct our brands, towards a global audience without straying from our roots ”, points out Pérez, Executive of Roddy Pérez Group.

Within Roddy Pérez Group there are also the prestigious brands Dominicana Verde, Top Green Brands, Vlikdi, Premios Videoclip Awards, Audiovisual Dominicana and Elefant Universe.

The latter represents his most recent commitment to international entertainment, it begins to bear important fruit in the film and music industry.