Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo are captured affectionately in southern beach

They shine openly! Rodrigo Cuba Y Ale Venturo They were again exposed by the journalist Samuel Suárez, who showed some images of the soccer player and the businesswoman where they are seen quite caramelized on a southern beach.

As it is remembered, recently both were captured in a shopping center and also sharing a dinner with Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi. However, this time, the well-known ‘ratujas’ of the popular ‘Samu’ sent him some snapshots of the walk of the ‘Gato’ Cuba y Ale through the seaside resort south of Lima.

“And in order not to lose habit, the ‘ratujas’ did it again moments ago,” wrote ‘Samu’ in the description of the first story on his Instarándula portal.

“Instarándula is the official page of the romance of ‘Gato’ and Ale Venturo re-recorded. Several ‘ratujas’ have enjoyed today in the first row the love of ‘Gatito’ “, added in caption of other pictures he showed.

A few days ago, Ale Venturo shared a photograph where he appears carrying his daughter, and the footballer commented: “Beautiful.”

This happened after the Instarándula portal released images where the couple and the little girl appear walking along the beach.

Alexandra Venturo, who was recorded together with Rodrigo Cuba, is a businesswoman and mother of a little girl. Years ago, the young woman inaugurated her startup La Nevera Fit, focused on providing healthy food, which already has branches in Surco, Miraflores and La Molina. In addition, Ale is the best friend of Natalie Vértiz, since they have both known each other since they were 6 years old.