Rodrigo Cuba and his emotional message to his daughter: “It will always be mine. I will always worry” [VIDEO]

Your princess. The Peruvian soccer player Rodrigo Cuba touched with an emotional dedication to his little daughter to his thousands of followers in social networks, making clear his position as a father in the life of his conceited.

To the rhythm of a tender song from a father to his daughter, the player of the Sport boys He expressed all the love and affection he feels for his baby, together with whom he enjoyed the first days of 2022.

It was via his official account Instagram that the popular ‘Gato Cuba‘ made his tender dedication to his conceited that he had with Melissa Paredes, to whom he made it clear that he will always be by his daughter’s side no matter what happens.

“My very beautiful girl, she will always be mine, even if she is a woman I will always worry,” dictated the lyrics of the topic she shared. Rodrigo Cuba along with an emotional and funny photograph of his daughter.

Melissa Paredes surprises fans with her cocky ‘new’: “I just adopted her”

The model and influencer Melissa Paredes surprised all her followers with the news that she supposedly adopted a tender baby. Here we will tell you all the details of this note.

“Well I’m going to tell you that I just adopted her, it’s ha, ha, ha”, you can hear him say to Melissa Paredes in your clip of InstagramThis while in the background he listens to a woman laugh at what the former presenter of America Today.