Rodrigo Cuba and his romantic message after being linked with Ale Venturo: “We deserved ourselves”

Rodrigo Cuba continues to generate comments about his alleged relationship with Ale Venturo, Natalie Vértiz’s best friend. In addition to being captured together on a beach a few days ago, the footballer has also commented on various photographs of the young businesswoman on his Instagram account.

The ex-partner of Melissa Paredes dedicated a tender message to the also cook and her daughter. “Haemos”, was the short, but significant comment that he left in one of the images.

The footballer decided to use his social networks to detail to his followers the moment he is living in the love plane. Rodrigo Cuba replied a romantic text that would highlight his position on the bond that a young businesswoman has created with Ale Venturo in recent days.

“It doesn’t matter who pulled the strings, if it was chance or fate, we both deserved each other” It can be read in the image he posted on his official Instagram account.

Rodrigo Cuba He has been linked to Ale Venturo after finalizing his divorce with Melissa Paredes. The aforementioned young woman is a prosperous businesswoman in the healthy food sector and founder of the brand La Fridge Fit, which offers desserts and food focused on taking care of health in its stores in Surco, La Molina and Miraflores.

Although she is not a public figure, she is one of Natalie Vértiz’s best friends and has been seen with her at various times. In addition, he has more than 95,000 followers on social networks.