Rodrigo Cuba dedicates a song to Ale Venturo, but she laughs at him for his ice cream [VIDEO]

The footballer of Sports Boys, Rodrigo Cuba, decided to reappear on his social networks, showing with an Instagram story how his partner Ale Venturo’s pregnancy is going. In the shared images you can see the businesswoman’s belly and in the background a song that says the phrase “I love you”.

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Given this, the businesswoman also published a video of her, but that has nothing to do with what her partner showed. Rather, the businesswoman is seen enjoying a lucuma ice cream at her house.

The media in recent days had hinted that Ale would have forgiven the ‘Cat’ Cuba after appearing together at the opening of one of the businesses of the young businesswoman.

After the protection of Rodrigo Cuba next to a young girl in a nightclub in Piuraafter having lost with the pink team by a landslide, made us think that the relationship that was seen quite united days before, could come to an end.

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After ampay of ‘Gato’ Boys fans insult him

Rodrigo Cuba it is not forgiven for the swelling of the pink plant. After appearing in a stadium where many of the football team’s fans were in the stands, he received widespread discontent for having appeared toning in a disco after a landslide by his football group.

the journalist Magaly Medina passed a note where you can see the high-caliber qualifiers against the ‘Gato’. the driver of Magaly TV: The Firm commented that this situation would be a “shame”.