Rodrigo Cuba: Did Ale Venturo receive a ring from Gato Cuba? [VIDEO]

Was love born? Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo perplexed their followers on social networks and it is that after being exposed by Instarandula, Samuel Suárez’s entertainment portal, the More Shows team gave their opinion on the possible gift of the Cat for Ale.

As seen in the images, they both share the same ring, so one of the theories is that Melissa Paredes’ ex-husband has chosen to go one step further in the relationship and make it formal.

This was commented by Natalie Vértiz, Yaco Eskenazi and Jazmín Pinedo in the middle of the live program: “What do you say? Is it the same?” China asked and Yaco almost confirmed it.

In addition, they questioned whether suddenly both would have decided to marry, even if it is in a ‘symbolic’ way. Is it true?

Natalie confesses LIVE about Gato Cuba’s relationship with Ale Venturo: “They want to be together 24/7”

The model Natalie Vértiz shocked all the viewers of Más Espectáculos after revealing some details of the sentimental relationship of her best friend Alexandra Venturo with the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba. Now, he assured that both are extremely in love.

Natalie Vértiz made it clear that she prefers to keep some details to herself until she shares in person with Peruvian soccer player Rodrigo Cuba. “Tomorrow we will give you more details until we see how the situation is going, we will not be able to know,” he commented at first.