Rodrigo Cuba excited about Ale Venturo and dedicates a song to him: “I met such a beautiful girl”

The renowned soccer player Rodrigo Cuba ended 2021, closing several stages in his life, the most difficult, divorcing his ex-partner and mother of his daughter Melissa Paredes in the middle of a controversial scandal over an ampay. As a result, the athlete has decided to stay focused on his daughter, but he would not be alone.

Everything was glimpsed in a clip on his social network, where a detail caught the attention of users who realized that the daughter of footballer Rodrigo Cuba he was playing in the same sarong as the businesswoman Alexandra venturo, who is very close friends with the Peruvian model Natalie Vértiz.

After his flirtations were made public, and photos were spread with Natalie Vértiz’s best friend in the New Year, the ‘Gato’ Cuba decided no longer to hide his illusion of believing in love again.

“I met such a beautiful girl, she has a street, but she is a maiden, for life she, she. When you are missing, I am your puzzle that is missing a piece”, is heard in the song called ‘I fall in love’ by Lenny Tavarez, Zion & Lennox.

Melissa Paredes and her tender message to her daughter: “My happiness would be infinite if I would have you every day”

The model Melissa Paredes puts aside her hints of love and is surely not happy for not being able to have her daughter with her every day and sends her a moving message.

“My happiness would be infinite if I would have you by my side every day. But once a wise man told me: you can’t have everything in life. But, you know, God told me: She is always in your heart. I love infinite baby “, dictated the tender message.