Rodrigo Cuba: His father and brother give their blessing to his romance with Ale Venturo [FOTO]

The family agrees. Rodrigo Cuba no longer hides his romance with Ale Venturo on social networks and now he dedicates romantic messages to him without fear of what they will say. Recall that a few months ago his marriage to Melissa Paredes ended due to an ampay of the model with the dancer, apparently all of this was left behind to give himself a new chance in love.

In a last Instagram post, Natalie Vértiz’s best friend shared an image where she appears very smiling. “Always laughing Chinese,” he wrote as a legend.

Immediately, the ‘Cat’ commented “I love you” and she replied: “You more.”

However, those who surprised with their reaction to this post were the athlete’s father and brother since they gave him ‘like’.

With this it is clear that both give their approval to Gato Cuba‘s new relationship with Ale Venturo, with whom he was already supported by giving a kiss.

Ale Venturo and his romantic publication for Rodrigo Cuba

Ale Venturo does not hesitate to show that he is really at his best sentimental moment with a message dedicated to Rodrigo Cuba.

“Nobody knows that we love each other, the way we do it, the secret between the two of us, me kissing you all, you make me get on,” reads a message from Natalie Vértiz’s best friend.