Rodrigo Cuba is reunited with his second daughter after separating from Ale Venturo

The separation of Ale Venturo and Rodrigo Cuba surprised everyone by taking place suddenly. On breaking off Very little is known, although the businesswoman has revealed that it may have been due to a lack of confidence on the part of one of the two parties.

However, the one who has given the least clues about their separation has been Rodrigo Cuba, who since he left his now ex-partner’s house has not hesitated to fill his social networks with photos with the daughter he has with Melissa Paredes. Now she would turn the little four-month-old baby to spend time with her father.

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Rodrigo Cuba reunites with his second daughter and boasts her on social networks

Rodrigo Cuba ignored the criticism he has been receiving for having tried to forget Melissa Paredes with Ale Venturo and prefers not to lose quality moments with the little baby he has with the businesswoman, whom he visited yesterday.

The cat” He uploaded a photo with his little baby in his story of instagram at night when they both look very smiling, which would show the good chemistry they have as father and daughter.

Source: Instagram

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Did Rodrigo Cuba meet Ale Venturo?

It is known that yesterday was Ale Venturo’s first Saturday as a single woman and she did not hesitate to go out with her close friend Vallery Revello, who has shown her support for the blonde in her separation with the ex-partner of Melissa Paredes.

Both were captured in a Chinese food restaurant located in the jockey square. Venturo was also with her little baby in her arms, showing that he doesn’t want to be separated from her for anything in the world.

In addition, ale took advantage of the afternoon hours for her two daughters to spend an entertaining moment at the little girl’s party giathe daughter of Gino Pesaressi and Mariana Vertizthe latter is very close to ventureWell, let’s remember that the entrepreneur is very close to the family and the best friend of Natalie Vértiz.

At night, probably after the celebration, Rodrigo He went to visit his second daughter and most likely ran into his ex-girlfriend, since the blonde is a “lion mom” and very protective of her two little ones. Have they crossed words?

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When will Rodrigo Cuba be able to see his daughter?

Ale has made it clear that he is not seeking a trial with the father of his second daughter and is seeking conciliation. This has also been confirmed by the lawyer Wilmer Arica, who stated on one occasion that Venturo seeks to stay on the best terms with the soccer player for the well-being of his little girl.

However, the status of the case has not yet come to light or if they have provisionally arranged any visiting regime for Rodrigo Cuba.

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What would Ale Venturo fear?

Let us remember that when Rodrigo separated from Melissa Paredes, Anthony Aranda’s fiancée lost custody of her little daughter who was handed over to her ex-mother-in-law, since Rodrigo Cuba denounced her for abandonment of home, maintaining his position that she was unfaithful with him. dancer as a result of the ampay that Magaly Medina showed.

Paredes lived through hell to the extreme of moving to Rodrigo’s mother’s house so as not to be separated from her little girl, with which she denounced that her ex-father-in-law “Mr. Cat” made life miserable. In addition, he implied at the time that he was facing a very powerful family due to the influence of his ex-husband’s father.

With this, Ale Venturo would be afraid that the end of their relationship would have the same outcome. At the moment, neither his ex-father-in-law nor “El gato” have ruled on the legal actions they will take. However, Ale would be preparing for what Melissa Paredes has been asking for help, since the model was recorded visiting the blonde and has made it clear that she has her full support “as a woman and as a mother.”