Rodrigo Cuba proud of his relationship with Ale Venturo: “She is a great woman”

Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo continue to give what to talk about in the national media. On this occasion, the Love and Fire program broadcast images of the couple enjoying a walk on the beach. At one point it is observed that the reporter asks the soccer player about what made him fall in love with her, he surprised with his answer.

Although they were being recorded, they were not hidden. The ex-husband of Melissa Paredes took the opportunity to be proud of the businesswoman, whom he praised for the first time in public. “Look at her. She is a great woman ”, the Sport Boys player is heard saying. For her part, Natalie Vértiz’s friend laughs as he hugs her.

This Tuesday, January 11, the program hosted by Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter will broadcast the full statements of the couple, who made their romance official a few days ago.

Ale Venturo is a young healthy food entrepreneur. His business is called The Fit Refrigerator and is located in Miraflores. He has led a life away from television, but has related to some local celebrity figures. She is the best friend of the model Natalie Vértiz and has been a partner of the driver Ernesto Jiménez. Also, she has ventured into the world of youtubers as the host of ‘Badabun’, a Peruvian version, in 2019.

January 1st, Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo They were captured on Pulpos beach in Lurín. The rumors increased days later, when the program Amor y fuego released a preview of the ampay in which it is observed that both are kissing. In the midst of the scandal, through Instagram, the athlete and the businesswoman decided to officially announce that they are a couple.