Rodrigo Cuba returns to the networks, but detail on his face worries his followers [VIDEO]

Continue despite adversity. A few days ago, Rodrigo Cuba filed a complaint against Melissa Paredes for alleged blackmail and extortion in a case that would involve the physical well-being of her four-year-old daughter, but now everything is in the past after being dismissed by the Prosecutor’s Office. Given this, he has not stopped speaking, but now he surprised, with a bad face?

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As recalled, Melissa Paredes was in charge of communicating to the media, through her Instagram, that the complaint filed by El Gato against him did not proceed. Given this, the player did not comment, however, he left an encouraging message on his networks.

Now, he has decided to reappear and continue his activities, despite being in a legal dispute and being investigated for allegedly going against the immunity of his youngest daughter.

However, after reappearing and continuing his work with advertising, we notice that the boyfriend of Ale Venturo he wears a rather tired face and does not laugh like in old publications. Without a doubt, she is in a difficult moment, like the actress Melissa Paredes.

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Mother of Melissa Paredes would not qualify for custody of her granddaughter

Now what will they do? Yesterday, July 4, the renowned lawyer Karla Viso appeared at Magaly TV: The Firmwhere she was more concerned than ever, because as is known, now Rodrigo Cuba He is being investigated for the alleged crime of rape of his youngest daughter. Situation that complicates it and also Melissa Paredes, so both would lose custody of the minor.

One of the alternatives would be the maternal or paternal family of the minor, however, when the option of Mrs. Celia Rodríguez was arranged, it is that the ATV driver showed concern, as it is known that Meli’s mother had an embarrassing process for having hit a minor. “She had a process for violence against a minor”, Magaly is heard saying before this.

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Evidence presented by Rodrigo Cuba against Melissa Paredes

Amor y Fuego had access to the file of the complaint of this complaint against the model and the evidence is attached that is the relationship that Gato Cuba had since he was with her in 2015 and also their marriage on November 28, 2016. The following evidence also attached…

  1. Images of Melissa Paredes where she commits dishonorable conduct by being supported by the dancer Anthony Aranda that came out through the Magaly TV program La firma, on October 20. There both appear giving a kiss.
  2. The communications that they made after the ampay, where she assures that she was already separated from Gato Cuba since September 2021, which was denied by him because he indicated that this statement took him by surprise.
  3. Images where Melissa Paredes appears in América Hoy to give various versions, such as statements on October 29, 2021 where she assures “after the ampay I told him ‘Rodrigo understands, I’m not going to go back to you, I’m not going to go back to you, now there’s a ampay and still you want to continue with me’”

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Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba are investigated for exposing their daughter

Melissa Paredes could also be removed from her youngest daughter and dictate protection measures in favor of the little girl. The Fifth Temporary Specialized Provincial Prosecutor for Violence Against Women began an investigation against the actress and her ex-husband Rodrigo Cuba for psychological abuse of his youngest daughter.

This investigation begins after the Women’s Emergency Center of the Aurora Program of the Ministry of women denounce the ex-spouses Rodrigo Cuba Piedra and Melissa Paredes Rodríguez, for violence against women and the family group, psychological damage, to the detriment of their youngest daughter.

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Gato Cuba’s lawyer hints at Melissa?: “A false complaint ends with a lawsuit against the daring”

Gato Cuba has César Nakasaki as a lawyer, who has used his social networks to refer to his case for the complaint against Melissa Paredes for extortion, blackmail and now defamation.

In César Nakasaki’s Instagram stories, he would have warned the model of the process that would follow against him. Be careful that a false complaint ends with a lawsuit against the daring”, he stressed.

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YOU CAN SEE: Gato Cuba comes out ahead after dismissing complaint against Melissa Paredes: “The one who falls does not lose, but the one who stops fighting”

Ale Venturo shouts his love for Rodrigo Cuba in the midst of investigations: “My perfect complement”

Together despite adversity. The well-known company Ale Venturo has not ceased to be in the public eye since the beginning of her sentimental relationship with Rodrigo Cuba and now it is still on everyone’s lips as a result of the serious investigation against the player. However, the lovers are closer than ever.

Nevertheless, Ale Venturo has not stopped being next to Rodrigo Cuba and does not hesitate to express his unconditional love through his social networks. This time, she shared a snapshot of the two with a romantic message on Instagram: “My love, my perfect complement. Keep being brave, good and loving,” she wrote.

Ale Venturo shares a romantic message for Rodrigo Cuba.

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Melissa Paredes: “If it were as Magaly says, I would have denounced Rodrigo”

Melissa Paredes spoke with Rodrigo Gonzalez and told him what happened after he informed Rodrigo Cuba about what his daughter had told him about him. According to the actress, when he went to pick up her daughter, he just wanted to take her and not talk to her, despite the fact that she recommended that they go to her psychologist.

If I were that kind of woman that Magaly says, a mother that Magaly says, I would not have called Rodrigo, I would only have denounced the bad guy and right now we would all be repenting, that’s why I did what I did, otherwise I would have acted badly. I would have been unfortunate, without thinking that he is my daughter’s father, I would have taken him away from her, I did nothing and on top of it I earned a complaint and all the scandal “.

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Rodrigo Cuba looks happy and dances when he sings “Happy Birthday” to his father: “Thank you for this surprise”

An emotional moment. Gato Cuba’s father, Jorge Cuba, was quite grateful to his children and his family in general for the birthday surprise they gave him. “Don Gato” shared a video of this emotional moment when they sing “Happy Birthday” to him with great energy.

As can be seen on his Instagram account, the clip shows the footballer and his brother hugging their father celebrating his birthday. In part of the song, the Cat begins to do some funny little dances showing that he is happy next to him.”Thanks to my children and friends for this surprise,” Jorge Cuba wrote.

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Rebeca Escribans after Melissa Paredes’ chats: “She may have been separated, but infidelity is something else”

In the latest edition of América Espectaculos, the host Rebecca Writens did not hesitate to comment on the new episode of the controversy between Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba.

For the also actress, Melissa’s new chats would be revealing and would confirm that if she was separated from the athlete, and that both have the right to show their truth, because another thing is the issue of infidelity.

“In this case, I see that everyone is fighting to defend their truth, it’s that simple, apparently around here we have come to the conclusion that they could have been separated at that time, beyond that, their infidelity is another issue. This It’s a test, clearly,” said the driver.

Rebeca Escribans holds Melissa Paredes and Gato Cuba responsible for what they are going through now.

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Ethel Pozo throws a dart at Magaly: “If you were interested in my studies, I’ll tell you who I studied with, you forgot”

This Tuesday, May 24, Ethel Well rHe appeared and left with everything when responding to criticism of Magaly Medina for her career, even remembering that she would have studied with her son Gianmarco Mendoza, without saying his name.

“Today I come from orange, and if my university studies have interested you so much, I’ll tell you who I studied with. It seems that you forgot,” said the host of America Today.

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