Rodrigo Cuba shares images of Ale ventura’s tummy after ampay: “I love you”

Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo have been the eye of many show programs due to the ampay starring the footballer in a nightclub in Piura. After this incident, the couple was seen together again at the opening of a local university in the capital.

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Apparently the ‘Cat’ He would leave his ampay behind and would be more focused on the evolution of his current partner’s pregnancy, since last night he published a story on Instagram where he reveals the belly of Alealong with a loving English phrase from a song.

This would not be the case of Ale Venturo, who remained in her networks more interested in showing her little daughter, sharing the food she likes and even a phrase that says: “I do like those plans to go out there to walk and talk about life.

After what happened at the disco in Piura, the influencer was also captured in a clinic with her mother, apparently to follow the evolution of her pregnancy. This stood out because, on this occasion, Rodrigo did not accompany her.

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Was Rodrigo Cuba sanctioned by his club?

Martín Hidalgo, Sports Manager of Sport Boys, announced that seven players who attended a Piura disco will receive a harsh sanction. He explained that it would be up to the Disciplinary Commission to make the decision to separate a soccer player from the institution.

“Totally agree with you, it is the opinion of all of us who work at the club. You will find out in due course. All the press and public opinion will find out about the sanctions on all the soccer players who left, ”he explained.