Rodrigo Cuba touches Ale Venturo and his 2-year-old daughter with a loving message [FOTO]

He forgot Melissa Paredes. After his divorce from his daughter’s mother, Rodrigo Cuba is excited about his relationship with Natalie Vértiz’s best friend, Ale Venturo. Let us remember that both were captured together spending New Years with their daughters and from that moment on, they do not hesitate to react with tender messages to their publications.

In a last publication that the young businesswoman shared on her Instagram account, where she appears with her little daughter, the athlete did not hesitate to leave her a loving message.

“Beautiful,” he wrote. This is how he showed the affection he also has for the girl. As expected, the footballer’s followers gave him hundreds of likes.

Likewise, many of them put love faces emoticons, approving the new relationship they have with Ale Venturo.

Recall that Natalie Vértiz hinted that the two would be getting to know each other, but did not confirm if their romance is official.

Ale Venturo defends his relationship with El Gato Cuba

Ale Venturo shared a message on his social networks after being caught with the Cuba Cat on New Year’s Eve. His publication is about love.

“Gabriel García Márquez said: Neither love is a cage, nor freedom is being alone. Love is the freedom to fly together, it is to leave without possessing. And how right in his words ”, reads the message.