Rodrigo Cuba would no longer be alone, they are waiting for his grilled chick, according to MAM

Fire! Rodrigo Cuba would have put an end to the topic, Melissa Paredes after her divorce, since now she looks calm and can enjoy with her daughter and friends. This time, he was approached by the ‘Association of shared tenure’ to give him a painting in recognition of everything that has happened after the conciliation with his ex-wife.

However, while receiving recognition, the Women in Command They asked him if he was with his daughter. Rodrigo did not hesitate to respond to the concern of the Latina reporter “She is with her mother,” said the young man.

Likewise, the magazine captured the precise moment in which the athlete of César Vallejo received a delivery with two portions of grilled chicken, while a young woman was waiting for him at the window, who although it was not possible to see who it was, the footballer looked happy . Who will it be?

It is worth emphasizing that recently, Rodrigo Cuba became news again this Sunday, at night, after Teledeportes broadcast his exclusive interview with the right-back who signed for Sport Boys.

“It is a hard time that one has to gather courage and needs the support of his family, I feel good. As my dad says, a good agreement was reached for Mía (his daughter). To adapt to this new life and enjoy it to the fullest, for this one has to concentrate 100% on his work, “he said.

Melissa, do you say goodbye to Rodrigo Cuba ?: “The feelings are gone, our story is over”

The model Melissa Paredes shows her new life after Rodrigo Cuba’s divorce agreement and celebrates it with unique song lyrics, ensuring that her story is over.

“They say that what goes away does not come back (comes back). And the feelings were (were). From my heart ‘and from my head (head) Baby, our story is over. The book was closed, colored bunting (red). I loved you, but that was in the past. And there is no regret, I throw your hand, but baby, our story is over. The book was closed, colorín colorado “, dictated the lyrics of the song posted by the model.

Magaly Medina mocks Rodrigo Cuba after conciliation: “His tongue was eaten by the other cat”

In one of the latest editions of his program, Magaly medina He surprised by making fun of Rodrigo Cuba LIVE by remembering Anthony Aranda, the dancer with whom his still partner was supported.

“There he is, he doesn’t say anything, the tongue was eaten by another Cat, he doesn’t say anything at all,” he said about the scene where Cuba cat He did not want to talk to his reporter.

Rodrigo Cuba is moved by his daughter and Peluchín assures: “His life is beginning to accommodate him”

Rodrigo González was happy for his namesake Rodrigo Cuba and his daughter, with whom he enjoys his days off after announcing his pass to Sport Boys.

“El Gato Cuba takes advantage of his vacations, leaves the likes of future conquests for a while, keeps the hook and spends time with his daughter …There he is with his daughter spending moments, that is, the Cuban Cat is beginning to accommodate his life a little … And the thing is that sometimes for life to become clearer you have to remove the clouds“, expressed at first the driver of Love and Fire.

Rodrigo Cuba revealed why he did not want to give statements before about the separation of Melissa Paredes

Rodrigo Cuba revealed that he preferred to keep his privacy off the screens because he did not want to expose his daughter, because he thought that everything should be resolved legally.

“Regardless of whether it bothered me or not (the siege of the entertainment press), one always seeks to take maximum care of one’s privacy,” he said.