Rodrigo Cuba’s father on Melissa Paredes: “I am going to respect her because she is the mother of my granddaughter”

He does not want to get into confrontations. Rodrigo Cuba’s father, Jorge Cuba, made it clear that he will not speak more about Melissa Paredes because what happened with his son is already a closed topic. Let us remember that the man gave his full support to the athlete in the divorce with the model and even dared to reveal the reasons why he did not agree to marry her.

In a link for the Women in command, Jorge Cuba assured that he will respect Melissa Paredes, as she is the mother of his granddaughter.

“I am going to respect Melissa because she is the mother of my granddaughter, I am not going to give an opinion either in favor or against. I am not going to express myself because I said that I would not speak more about that,” he said.

It should be noted that the former host of América Hoy appeared this Tuesday, January 11, in Mujeres commander (Women in command) to give her defense about her ex-relationship with El Gato and how happy she is now with Anthony Aranda.

Rodrigo Cuba’s father pronounces on his son’s romance with Ale Venturo

Gato Cuba‘s father finally spoke about the new relationship his son has with Ale Venturo and pointed out that he found out about the couple from the images broadcast on television.

“I see my son happy. I know about that relationship from what has appeared in the media, I have seen in the media that videos and photos have been released. He looks happy, I can comment on what I have seen. I see it happy my son, “he said.