Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba boasts Ale Venturo’s ‘tummy’ days after the ampay in Piura

The name of Rodrigo Cuba It was again a trend on all virtual platforms in recent days. This happened after “Love and fire” revealed an ampay of his in which he is seen in affectionate attitudes with a young woman despite having a relationship with Ale Venturo. As expected, the “Gato” earned various criticisms on social networks, especially from those who defended him for what happened with Melissa Paredes.

His night out also caused Sport Boys to suspend him for two dates. However, his love relationship seems to have no problem, because just days after that episode he showed off with Venturo at the opening of a new place.

Recently, Rodrigo Cuba once again made it clear that his romance with Ale Venturo is still going strong with his latest post on Instagram. The national soccer player uploaded a story in which he shows off the pregnant belly of his current partner.

It should be noted that, until now, neither the “Gato” nor the entrepreneur have ruled on the aforementioned ampay. Even the member of the Chalaco group was approached by the “Love and Fire” cameras to find out his version, but he avoided responding to it.

As expected, Rodrigo Cuba’s ampay caused Magaly Medina to harshly criticize him on her television space. The host of shows considered the fact as a lack of respect, even more so when Ale Venturo is in the process of pregnancy.

“I don’t really understand it, if you already have a partner… That’s why psychologists say that a nail pulls out another nail is the most false thing that exists. He has a pregnant woman at home and is going to have fun as a bachelor. What he has done to Ale Venturo is disrespectful and I think she is passing it (the issue) through hot water, “he specified.