Rodrigo González after Jossmery Toledo’s powerful message on his networks: “Take away his phone!”

He sent her ‘little’. Jossmery Toledo is in the public eye after sharing controversial messages on his social networks. For many users and television hosts, his publications would be clear hints to the still wife of Paolo Hurtado, Rosa Fuentes. Given this, Rodrigo González was sent with everything and ‘squared’ it. What happened?

In the recent edition of ‘love and fireo’, Peluchín could not avoid reacting to the ‘darts’ that the ex-police would have sent in the face of criticism. One of his messages was highly criticized because it would be a hint towards the mother of the children’Little horse’.

YOU CAN SEE: Jossmery Toledo and her powerful message after criticism: “There are people who have children, but do not have a family”

On this occasion, the partner Gigi Miter He “stopped” him and gave him a “pull on the ears” because he mentioned the issue of family, this after the two ampays with the Cienciano player. “There are people who have a house, but they don’t have a home. There are people who have children, but they don’t have a family,” read one of the messages released by ‘Joss’.

“Tie your hands. Have someone around you do you a favor and take your phone away. Really, isn’t what they’ve done enough? Look at what it says… we’ll see you crying tears of blood” , commented Rodrigo Gonzalez after seeing his powerful phrases in networks.

“It seems to me that they want to put ‘this’ on the tombstone. He is finishing killing himself publicly (…) Are you wanting to say that to Rosa? (…) In what little head does that publication fit, “added the very obfuscated show host.

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