Rodrigo González attacks Magaly and the notary: “She who takes care of her private life” [VIDEO]

The controversial host of Amor y Fuego, Rodrigo González did not hesitate to comment on the interview that the journalist Magaly Medina and her husband Alfredo Zambrano will give for Sunday, D Day, just on the anniversary of their marriage. All this, as a result of the interview that the singer gave, Giuliana Rengifo to affirm that he had a relationship with the notary.

In this interview, the journalist from Magaly TV: La Firme together with her husband will reveal unpublished details of their relationship, they were also encouraged to comment on the interdictions, and hints with the former singer of ‘Alma Bella’.

I think we have learned what not to do, first we have to calm down, evaluate things, because there will always be fights, “the journalist said at first. For his part, the notary will ask him head-on about Giuliana Rengifo and his latest statement, to which he apparently will respond.

Given this, González told Giuliana in the last edition of November 19, that it is unlikely that he will respond to him on television, since he does not do so with people he is not used to facing.

“You know that she does not respond to people who can harm her or say something, to which she is not used to. She responds to retouching, to Tilsa,” said the popular ‘Peluchín’.

“I do not think that if you know something that harms her, I will answer you, pBut where he is going to answer is this weekend on a Sunday“added the driver.

Likewise, the ex-friend of the ‘magpie’ was surprised that the ATV journalist exposed her private life: “She has asked everyone, Ney Guerrero, her producer, her reporters, to go to her house, she who takes care of her private life and is going to celebrate another anniversary of being married and she does it to stick her tongue out at you, “he said. What will happen?