Rodrigo González defends Yahaira for nomination in Premio Lo Nuestro: “If you don’t like it, don’t vote”

the driver of “Love and Fire”, Rodrigo González, came out in defense of Yahaira Plasencia, who recently announced that she had been nominated for the Lo Nuestro Award in the important category of song of the tropical year for “La cantante”, which will compete with songs by great artists such as Marc Anthony , Prince Royce and Romeo Santos. Because many users questioned her nomination to represent Peru in this ceremony, “Peluchín” and Gigi Miter came out to show their support.


Yahaira Plasencia is confused with another artist in the Lo Nuestro Award nominations

What did Rodrigo and Gigi say about Yahaira Plasencia’s nomination?

In a recent edition of “Love and Fire”, the hosts presented a note about Yahaira Plasencia’s nomination for the Lo Nuestro Awards. Gigi Miter said that she thought it was “very good that she was nominated” and Rodrigo said the same, but – in turn – took the opportunity to send a message to those who criticize her appointment: “If you don’t like it, don’t vote ”.


Yahaira Plasencia was nominated for Lo Nuestro Awards and will compete against Marc Anthony and Romeo Santos

Jair Mendoza congratulated Yahaira Plasencia on her nomination

The ex-partner of the sauce boat was not indifferent to this great news and commented in a publication of ‘La patrona’ the following: “And let them criticize!”

Yahaira does not respond to Jair Mendoza. Photo: Composition LR/ Instagram

Yahaira Plasencia excited by her nomination

“Guys, this nomination is super important, since I will be competing with great artists like Marc Anthony, Prince Royce and Romeo Santos. Being the only tropical woman in this competition is a source of pride for me, and I hope it is for you too!”, wrote the sauce boat in an Instagram post.

“Many thanks to God for so much. I am definitely a blessed woman. Thanks to my team, my family, my producer @SergioGeorge, my yahalovers for always trusting me,” she added.

How to vote for Yahaira Plasencia at the Premio Lo Nuestro?

To show your support for Yahaira Plasencia and help her win at the Premio Lo Nuestro, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Enter the Premios Lo Nuestro website
  • Select the ‘tropical’ category
  • Click on ‘song of the year – tropical’
  • Choose the option ‘The singer (salsa) – Yahaira Plasencia ft. Ator Untela’
  • Go to the ‘vote’ button
  • Enter the requested data and you’re done.