Rodrigo González explodes against Ethel Pozo: “Your mother has put the microphone in front of you” [VIDEO]

the driver of Love and fire”, Rodrigo González, expressed his annoyance after seeing that Ethel Pozo criticized Allison Pastor for having resigned live from “Reinas del show” after a tense exchange of words with Gisela Valcárcel.

As recalled, in recent days, Gisela Valcárcel has been a point of criticism from netizens after the release of allison shepherda situation that was joined by his daughter, Ethel Pozo, who also “hit the contestant with a stick.”

Netizens campaign not to see “Queens of the show”

The live resignation of queens of the showa situation that the viewers and users who also carried out campaigns not to see the program anymore did not like it at all.

This generated that Rodrigo Gonzalez rule on the matter, who also appointed Ethel Wellfor your comments on allison shepherdwhich were criticized by viewers and compared her to her mother.

“Good Peruvians and with all my love Ethel, (…) what does one thing have to do with another. Because your mother has put a microphone in front of you, you dare to say everything with impunity just like Melissa Paredes”, said the very annoying driver.

Rodrigo González: Users applaud that he has “put Ethel Pozo in her place”

After strong comments about Ethel Well and her classmates america todayHundreds of users applauded what was said by the popular ‘Peluchín’.

In addition, there were those who were very happy because they looked forward to Rodrigo Gonzalez I talked about the topic of the moment. Below is the driver’s download.

Netizens attack Ethel Pozo for criticizing Allison Pastor

Netizens were upset with Ethel Pozo after her comment about the resignation of Alisson Pastor and considered that she is “just like her mother” Gisela Valcárcel.

“What can be expected of Ethel? Support her mother, but stay quiet”, “What can the daughter of the pretense think if she has no talent at all?” and “You will go far when you start to value yourself and do not copy your boss. How ugly,” they said.

Giselo distances himself from the drama and refuses to talk about Allison Pastor: “I am not an opinionologist”

Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter harshly criticized the dancer for resigning from her mother Gisela Valcárcel’s program, and after listening to both Melissa Paredes, Janet Barboza and Christian Domínguez, Edson Dávila asked him to speak too.

“Pronounce yourself, brother, people also want to know what your opinion is about what happened,” he said. Ethel Well, to which the collaborator was blunt, flatly refusing to do so.

Giselo he completely walked away from the drama and avoided giving his point of view. “Forgive me Ethel, but most importantly, what people want to see me is having fun, bringing joy, I’m not an opinionologist,” he replied loud and clear.

Allison Pastor confirms that she does not return to Reinas del Show

In an interview for love and firethe former member of Reinas del Show, Allison Pastor, gave something to talk about and it is that despite the fact that she did not want to give many statements about the incident with Gisela Valcárcel in her program, she confirmed the inevitable.

When asked if she would return to Reinas, Allison did not hesitate to shake her head from side to side and stressed that her husband Erick Elera supports her.

Ítalo Valcárcel and Isabel Acevedo support Allison Pastor

Seeing the images of Allison Shepherd, the first to come out to give him his support was the dancer Italo Valcárcel. “The video speaks for itself friends! How I really enjoyed these rehearsals. Thanks for the energy and the good vibes of ALWAYS,” he said.

Isabel Acevedo, Christian Domínguez’s ex-partner, joined her pronouncement, who highlighted the great talent of her friend. “I’m dying friend. A lot of tasty,” said the popular Chabelita.

Queens of the Show: Magaly Medina rants against Gisela Valcárcel

As if that were not enough, Magaly Medina not only revealed his opinions about what happened with allison shepherd on the show, he also revealed more about Gisela Valcárcel.

The ATV host stated that the popular “little lady” showed herself in a different way in front of the cameras and even recounted a rudeness that she had in a telethon years ago.

“Remember that the largest charity in the country is the Teletón, she is the owner of the Teletón. She does not allow anyone in this event where all the channels should be united and all participate without looking at who is more, who It is less, more rating or less rating. You think that another who is going to shadow him will not go by his side. She invites with conditions, “he said.

Rodrigo González squares Ethel for comparing himself to Allison Pastor: “Your mom gives you work”

The popular television host Rodrigo González again ranted against the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel and this time he did not forgive him for having compared himself to Allison Pastor, because they would have the same manager.

“No, never, we have the same representative,” said Ethel, unleashing the laughter of Rodrigo González, who once again burst out laughing with Gigi Mitre, because Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter would be comparing herself to Pastor.

“He says he has a representative, just like the allison shepherd“, said Teddy Bear, which was affirmed by Gigi who sarcastically said that why did she need a manager if her mother hired her. “Yes, then, why do you have a representative, if your mother is the only one who gives you work,” added the popular Rodri.

Ethel denied that Allison Pastor is going to be banned from America: “The doors are open for her”

The Amor y Fuego cameras went to meet Ethel Pozo to comment on the resignation of Allison Pastor in the program hosted by the ‘little lady’.

“I’m so sorry that he’s gone. Allisonbut hey, it’s over… She was my favorite because she surprised me from the first day how she danced, there will be another opportunity to see her, ”the host of América Hoy began by saying.

“The doors are open for her and for everyone. From the bottom of my heart, I like everyone and I want everyone to do well. She will never be banned, we have the same representative, we are friends and we follow each other, ”she finally commented.

Macarena Vélez dressed up as Marilyn Monroe but Rodrigo González did not like it

Macarena Vélez impressed Marilyn Monroe with her transformation. However, for Rodrigo Gonzalez it seemed more to Abencia Meza than to the late American actress.

“I see her more similar to Abencia Meza than to marilyn monroe. I don’t see her,” she said seriously.

Ethel Pozo gives her tips to save after food hike

The rise in food prices of the basic basket after the rise of the dollar worries more than one Peruvian, including the drivers of América Hoy, for this reason, Ethel Pozo decided to provide some recommendations to users how to take care of their pocket.

“Prices go up, and many do not know what to do (…) I have started a saving mode, we are very worried. It is time, mommy, to adjust everything, to see what you spend sun to sun on,” said the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel, giving his tips to the mothers of the family.

The popular

Ethel Pozo said that she “follows in networks” with Allison

As commented by the host of “America Today”all is well with Allison and it could even be said that they are friends, because although it is true it was her favorite from start to finish, they still remain on social networks.

I’m so sorry he’s gone, but it’s over now. She surprised me from the first day how she danced, but there will be another opportunity to see her ”, Ethel commented.

Melissa Paredes wants Ethel to enter “Queens of the show”

Everything was evidenced in the last edition of America Today, when the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel was surprised with images of her from the past, where she shines dancing.

Given this fact, his colleagues in the program began to insist that he please debut in The big show. “If the doctor capilo has participated, cheer up,” said Giselo, remembering his reality show Who dances today?

To these words was joined Melissa Paredeswho made a striking claim about Ethel Well. “Ethel has danced on the floor, the public asks that you dance,” he said, which was confirmed by Janet Barboza. “Yes, Ethel Rocio,” she said.

Rodrigo González mocks Gisela Valcárcel for Christian songs

Rodrigo González stated that Gisela Valcárcel would be trying to purge herself after Allison Pastor’s resignation from Reinas del Show.

“Pharisee! La Gisela puts on a good face and puts in a Christian song to purge herself, “she wrote in the stories of her official Instagram account about the host of América TV.

Gisela prepares for the final of Reinas el show, changes her look and assures “I will resist”

Commending herself to God, Gisela Valcárcel is getting ready for the Grand Finale of the show’s queens this Saturday, August 28, amid a wave of criticism against her. How will she do?

“By my side, the sea and on the radio, dancing queen. Nothing to ask, just thanks… Here we are, girls, raise your hands, getting ready for the grand final tomorrow… Ready for the final, I will resist, I will resist “, he stated.

Netizens are sent against Gisela

According to a group of netizens, gisela he sells himself as a saintly person, when in reality he only cares about the rating and not at all about his production, much less about his guests at the reality.

Thus, some other users preferred to be more direct on Facebook and “sing their truths” to the queen of Pachacámac.

“She is not a stick face, she is a concrete face, she makes fun of everyone… that’s how they are those who hide from recognizing their mistakes,” read one of the messages.

Users start a campaign for Gisela to apologize to Allison Pastor

They are tired of her. Since the last Queens of the Show gala, the host Gisela Valcárcel has been the target of criticism from viewers who is hers, they did not like her altercation with Allison Pastor.

From its various social networks whether they are instagram either Twitter users ask you to please clarify the issue or they will stop watching your show instead.

“Ms. Gisela, with all my love, your attitude on Saturday was not correct, you mistreated a person whether you wanted to or not, you humiliated them and even made fun of them. We are not perfect, and the path of Jesus always exhorts us to be better and to ask for forgiveness when we are wrong, do it”, wrote a netizen.

Giannina Luján defends Allison Pastor

Allison Pastor’s friend, Giannina Luján, used her Instagram account to comment on the abrupt departure of the model in the “Reinas del show” program.

Allison is a beautiful person along with ErickI know them from Villa María. She was always very simple and a good person since always. they make a cute couple”, wrote the popular “Peruvian Colita” on the Instagram account of the “Amor y fuego” program, where the video of Erick Elera’s statements was posted.

Likewise, Giannina sent a clear hint to Gisela Valcárcel. “Is that The goat always throws the mountainoops! I just say ”, she posted.

Allison Pastor would pay more than 30,000 soles to resign from Reinas del Show, according to Amor y Fuego

Allison Pastor goes through a hard time after her departure from Reinas del Show because she would have to pay a penalty for having left the show on the air Gisela Valcárcel.

According to Amor y Fuego, Erick Elera’s wife would have to pay the large sum of 8 UIT, which is equivalent to more than 30 thousand soles, for not staying in the show until the end.