Rodrigo González mocks América Hoy for Brunella Horna’s resignation show: “They are already crying”

Rodrigo González does not believe them. the driver of love and fire spoke about the farewell of Brunella Horna from América Hoy, being skeptical about the reasons he gave for his departure from Peruvian television. For the popular “Peluchín” the hosts of that program made a whole show about it, since they were even seen on the verge of crying, very concerned about the health of the model.

In their stories of instagram, willax figure did not hesitate to give his broad opinion and considered that if the ‘Baby Bru’ is not now in front of the television space is because he does not want to talk about the complaint of Camila Ganoza to her current husband Richard Acuña.

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“They are already crying, they are already introducing God. ethel runny nose, the ‘retouches’ about to dehydrate, the most pathetic morning show began and the question “did you get into the relationship?” Nothing (…) hahaha we have to keep waiting people forget, play poor thing (…) She’s already crying, she’s crying, Obstacles? hahaha a little bit of please,” she noted.

Then the television host recalled that Richard Acuña himself wrote to him to tell him that the rumors of his wife’s pregnancy were false.

“Richard confirmed to us by message that she was not pregnant when we asked her, but here they play ambiguity,” she stressed.

It should be noted that Ethel Pozo and Janet Barboza shared only details of what they know about her health and assured that it is a very sensitive issue, which is why they accompany her decision to leave the program for medical leave. They were even sympathetic at all times, which suggested that the model is going through a very difficult time.

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Ethel Pozo confirmed that what happened to Brunella Horna is “the worst scare for a woman”

Ethel Pozo confirmed that Brunella Horna is really having a bad time with her health and that she had a big scare a few days ago, so now it is better that she follow her doctor’s instructions.

“It is part of your life, we have said it here that we feel frustrated that we cannot tell everything. We can only do a little bit almost nothing, but we respect your opinion, we love you. That is the truth outside the screens we have become friends and everything. We are very sorry that today is a see you soon,” said the television host with teary eyes.