Rodrigo González points out that MAM passed without pain or glory in the rating with Melissa Paredes as the host

In a new edition of Love and fire, edition 2022, Rodrigo González referred to the new appearance of Melissa Paredes in the program Women in Command and regarding the rating, it did not give him a good look.

Thus, at first, the television host made it clear that despite the fact that they placed Melissa as the ‘new pull’ that would raise the numbers of the Latina program, the presence of the former beauty queen would not have caused much of an impact.

“The replacement of the ‘fariselita’ (in reference to Ethel Pozo) tripled the audience, This is how the results are, it happened without a penalty of glory ”, he said first.

In addition, he added: “(They believed) that ‘if we put Melissa Paredes people are going to discover the extraordinary content that we have’, surely it is what goes through the head of these brains who have managed to sink the show.”

For her part, Gigi Miter made it clear that the former El Gato Cuba is taking a necessary job due to the shared tenure she has with her daughter’s father: “Melissa is taking advantage of the opportunity, she is out of work and they offered her and she accepted” .

Gigi Miter criticizes Melissa Paredes for joining MAM’s leadership: “It’s not smart”

This Tuesday, January 11, the Peruvian celebrity has set off the alarms after the return to the leadership of Melissa Paredes, but this time not on América Televisión but now on Latina TV. In this regard, the controversial presenters of Amor y Fuego did not hesitate to comment.

“She is famous because the crown was taken from her, because of the photos that came up, then because of her fights with Ignacio Baladán, terrible that ended in verbal and physical attacks. Then the scandal that happened with her husband and is now presented as a talent of Peruvian television, “he said at first.

“I think she has not been intelligent, because really her life, luck, the producers wanted her to be the protagonists of soap operas. Ah look, she makes people laugh, they reinvented themselves, they gave her the opportunity to drive and then they scrub her “, he sentenced.