Rodrigo González prefers Gino Assereto to Jazmín Pinedo’s boyfriend: “More handsome”

Gino Assereto is in the eye of the storm, not only because of the passionate kisses with one of his companions from ‘This is war’, but also because he is compared to Pedro Araujo, Jazmín Pinedo’s new boyfriend. Given this, Rodrigo Gonzalez LIVE made a face for the popular ‘Jaws’ of the competition reality show.

YOU CAN SEE: Gino Assereto advises Pedro Araujo, Jazmín Pinedo’s lover: “Let the boy value her!”

In the last days, it was the same ‘chinita’ Jasmine who said LIVE that his partner Pedro Araujo is “more handsome and younger” than the father of his daughter Khalessi. This generated the various opinions of the followers of ‘EEG’ who stood up for the reality boy, while others believe that the Uruguayan is prettier.

This afternoon, Rodrigo Gonzalez ‘poked in’ to highlight the physical beauty of Assereto. “I think that gino he’s more handsome,” said the host of ‘Amor y Fuego’ who was surprised to learn that the Peruvians chose the Uruguayan over the former Pinedo.

The Willax Television presenter conducted a survey on his official Instagram account to find out the opinion of Peruvian women: if they prefer Pedro Araujo oh Gino Assereto. ‘Peluchín’ was shocked to share that the boyfriend of Jasmine he took it to a meeting: “65% vs 35%”, he said LIVE.

YOU CAN SEE: Gino Assereto bothers Jazmín Pinedo LIVE when remembering their relationship: “I have given you a million kisses”

Gino Assereto is happy that Jazmín Pinedo has fallen in love again

Last Monday, January 30, Jasmine Pinedo Y Gino Assereto they met again in ‘This is war’. After taking off the “rags” in the program, the reality boy confessed that he loves to see her happy and very happy in the new phase of her life. “I love seeing you in love,” he told her LIVE.

After these sincere words, they hugged each other and gave each other a big hug. What’s more, the “Shark” surprised by saying that he will give him the plane ticket to Chile so that he can see his lover. However, she later backed down, saying he won’t do it anymore. “She earns more than me,” she said on television.