Rodrigo González reveals that Johanna San Miguel did not want to cross it in Latina: “I was afraid”

johanna san michael It has become news after it was exposed on social networks due to the constant tense moments they have in “This is war” with their partner Renzo Schuller, as well as with other people who work on the program. While Rodrigo Gonzalez and ‘Gigi’ Miter analyzed the behavior of the ex-Pataclaun, the host of “Amor y fuego” recalled the time when the actress was afraid of coming across “Peluchín”.

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What happened to Johanna San Miguel?

With the help of ‘Gigi’ Mitre, Rodrigo Gonzalez he remembered the time when Johanna San Miguel did not want to run into him in the halls of Latina. According to what was narrated by the driver, Susana Humbert was the one who called him personally to express the discomfort of the also actress at that time.

“The ‘mataprogramas’ called me at the office and told me: ‘Oh, it seems terrible to me that Johanna (San Miguel) has entered the channel and is afraid of meeting you.’ I tell him: ‘Why are you afraid of meeting me? If you see me, you can greet me; if not, you can go to another corner’. ‘She says she’s happy to be in Latina, but she’s scared the moment she runs into you on the canal or in a hallway. She says that moment gives her tension,’” the show host narrated.

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‘Peluchín’ thinks of Johanna’s behavior

On the other hand, Rodrigo González indicated that he never knew the reasons why johanna san michael I was so afraid of his presence. Likewise, she added that a characteristic of her was to complain about things that did not seem to her with the producers so as not to feel intimidated by other co-workers.

“I don’t understand what planet he lives on, because if I don’t like a person, I just don’t greet him, it doesn’t matter. If that person greets me and I don’t want to say hello back, I don’t do it either,” he said.

“Why is she afraid of me? Ridiculous. Now, look at her (her aggressive attitudes), she is the Johanna of television, but behind the scenes he is crying to the production people with whom he lives with anxiety and anxiolytics,” he added.