Rodrigo González suffers a lapse and confuses Willax with Latina live: “It escaped me, it never happened”

Strange Latin? Rodrigo González surprised locals and strangers after starring in a singular moment in his live program in ‘love and fire‘. This time, the show host suffered a tremendous lapse that generated various reactions and caused him to receive an “avocado” from his production team. What happened?

In the recent edition of the program Willax, ‘Peluchín’ could not help being shocked after forgetting his current television home for a moment. After the absence of Gigi Mitre, the popular ‘Rodri’ He did not hesitate to stand up for his TV space, but he did not imagine that he would forget for an instant his current place of work and remember his past on the channel San Felipe.

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It all happened when Magaly Medina’s ex-godson was talking about Sebastián Yatra in ‘The voice Kids’. It was there that he tried to talk about that topic again to his viewers. However, he referred to his television excasa. “For those who just turned on the air of Latina … oh Latina, sorry,” he said after realizing the lapse.

Then he tried to correct his notorious mistake. “This never happened, see why they interrupted me, well, it was many years, sorry, it escaped me, it had never happened to me, it’s the first time it’s happened to me,” she said, trying to blame the producer of her space on TV.

“This never happened. The emperor must be happy. Right now they call me,” he narrowed down very ‘knocked’. In addition, he highlighted his current place of work and the happiness of completing another year in the program that he leads with Gigi Miter. “No, in the air of Willax Television, third season. Ayayay, don’t interrupt me again, stubborn,” she added.

After the public ‘blooper’, his colleagues and part of the production team hesitated and threw ‘avocados’ at him for the incident.

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Rodrigo González trolled Ethel Pozo live for her recent look on ‘América Hoy’

In one of the last editions, Rodrigo González did not hesitate to criticize the look he used Ethel Well for his program ‘América Hoy’. As she questioned Magaly Medina, Gigi Miter’s partner did the same and went all out against Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter when she saw her with a sack a little bigger than her size.

“It seems as if it had been inherited from Uncle Jacinto,” he said at first. “Do you remember that chapter about the clothes that didn’t fit?” she expressed. In addition, he ‘ripped’ the garment, since it was much more than an oversize type of clothing.

“That’s not oversized, that’s anything. (…) There’s Fariselita, we already know her. Look at the sleeves, what is this,” he added, very surprised by the striking style of Julián Alexander’s wife.

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What did Rodrigo González say about the choice of Camila Escribens?

Rodrigo Gonzalez He decided to talk about the election of Camila Escribns to Miss Peru 2023. For the show presenter, that appointment was already more than obvious. Likewise, he specified that Jessica Newton already had everything planned.

“And as I already told you, nothing of Rodrigamus or anything, I had already told you because we know everything about this, Newton puts together all that staging to see our faces, “he said directly. “I said it, Escribns is going to win, what happened yesterday? I don’t hear them,” said the classmate Gigi Mitre.

In addition, Peluchín commented on the closeness of the organizer and the model. “It is the third attempt of her, that she had always been like the one who blew everything to Newton, the one who spoke to her ear, she was already emerging as a favorite,” she said.