Rodrigo González to Farfán: “You would have changed that day, instead of showing your sneakers to Pinedo” [VIDEO]

Rodrigo González hesitated to the soccer player Jefferson Farfán for shining with his absence in the First Communion of little Jeremy, a few days ago. The host of ‘Amor y Fuego’ recalled Jazmín Pinedo’s interview with ’10 de la calle’. What did he say?

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As is known, on July 9, the First Communion of little Jeremy. Melissa Klug was encouraged to upload some photos of this celebration and show off to her family the religious step that her “cocky” took, however, the absence of the Foquita caught her attention.

Given this, the White from Chucuito He decided to clarify and specify that Jefferson could not go because he had to train, sharing that message on his networks with an emoji of doubt. For this reason, Peluchín took advantage of Willax’s program to criticize the alleged lack of interest in “Jeffry”.

“You would have changed the training date for that day, instead of showing your shoes to Pinedo (…) for that if you have time,” he said very obfuscated. “That day would have been happier if her father had deigned to appear,” he said.

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Melissa Klug talks about the lack of Jefferson Farfán in her son’s first communion: “I didn’t miss it”

The ‘White from Chucuito‘ He decided not to remain silent and answered all the questions on the television space of América Televisión about the special day he spent with his youngest child, but above all he spoke about the absence of the Peruvian soccer player in his son’s sacrament.

“My son’s first communion was a special moment, (Jefferson Farfán) could not attend at the last minute, he sent a message to my son and told him that he had to train,” he said at first. Then the ‘chalaca‘ refused to speak negatively: “I guess they haven’t given him permission to attend, the first communion was at 9 in the morning.

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Melissa Klug flatters Jefferson Farfán despite not going to his son’s communion: “He is a soccer star”

He doesn’t hold a grudge. Melissa Klug is going through a special time in her life after her son Jeremy had her first communion. However, the great absentee at the event was her ex and father of her minor, Jefferson Farfán, so she spoke about it and was surprised.

Despite this situation, the chalaca had no problems, and when talking about the career that she wants her two youngest children to have in soccer, she also threw Flores at Jefferson Farfan.

For Melissa Klughe “accomplished everything he set out to do” in life, and he assured this at the time of revealing if he would like the “10 from the street” to play with his children in Alianza Lima.

“God hear you (about his children playing with their father), although he is already a little old and his age, but he has already fulfilled everything he set out to do,” she said, for which she was questioned if she thought he was “a crack”. “That’s right, soccer (crack),” she finished her on Jefferson Farfan.

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Why didn’t you go to your son’s first communion with Melissa Klug?

it was the same Melissa Klug who didn’t bother answering that question through his account Instagram after doing the dynamics of questions and answers with his followers of said social network to talk everything about the first communion of his youngest son, Jeremy Farfan.

One of her followers asked the model “Did Farfán attend the ceremony?” The “white from Chucuito” far from getting angry at the question, decided to answer it. “No (she attended), she couldn’t. He had to train, so she said, ”she replied immediately, but apparently she was dissatisfied with the answer that her ex-partner had given her.

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Rodrigo González mocks Ethel Pozo for asking for a loan from the bank: “Win millions”

‘Toddler’ He made fun of Ethel Pozo after assuring that he asked for a loan from the bank to pay for his wedding with Julián Alexander. He stated that Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter earns a lot of money in her mother’s productions, in addition to her work on television.

“She is the owner of half of her mother’s production company. She says ‘if I had this amount of money I would invest in her daughters’ education’. If the girls are in the best school in Lima, so don’t be as if I did not have that money. Ethel earns millions, she has for that and much more. ”

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Rodrigo González attacked Pedro Castillo and called him “coju…”

What a scandal! Rodrigo González was dispatched with everything against Pedro Castillo for questioning the work he does in the Government Palace, which in the next few days will complete a year as President of the Republic. What did he say?

“He is not doing anything he said, we are not seeing that he and his family are looking at all Peruvians, with total impunity, they rob us as they want… He puts his face like that, that a word like that is good Peruvian, it’s time for all of us to go out”, sentenced the popular teddy bear in your space love and fire.

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Rodrigo González calls Zully Pinchi “cheeky”: “You don’t even reach my mother’s knee”

Rodrigo González exploded against Zully Pinchi for messing with his mother. “You would like to reach my mother’s knee, her ankle. She asked me, ‘What was she for? She suddenly wanted you to share the pionono recipe (laughs). I love you, mother.’

“If she is not supposed to be the author of all that, that it is an invention, why does she ask for royalties? She is so cheeky that she does not notice it, the lies, and the versions, they corner her, not us, she herself for her attitudes,” added the Willax TV host.

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Melissa Klug hopes that her children succeed in soccer like their father: “I want to see them play a World Cup”

In conversation with a local newspaper, the chalaca reflected on the important event that her little one was part of, despite the fact that her father Jefferson Farfán had to be absent to go to train to recover from his injury. She was excited by the achievements of all the members of her family.

Melissa Klug She was asked if she hopes to see her children in the first division, and made it clear that she does want to see them succeed in her current team and in the world. “God listen to you, it is what I want most. Adriano is going to play, he is training hard. I hope God rewards me and I get to see them in a World Cup”, she sentenced.

Melissa Klug wants her children to fulfill their dreams by becoming great soccer players.

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Ethel Pozo reveals that Jefferson Farfán is mad at her for Melissa Klug: “She doesn’t even want to see me”

In the latest edition of America Todaythis Tuesday, July 12, the drivers spoke about the statements made by the chalaca on their social networks, answering some questions from their followers about the absence of their ex-partner at their son’s event, since “he was training”.

Ethel Well stuck his spoon in and revealed that he has always been on the side of Melissa Klug for her work as a mother, and that this would not have pleased Jefferson Farfan. For this, he would be angry with her, and so he confessed it before cameras without problems. “Years I have coincided with Melissa Klug, that’s why Jefferson Farfán doesn’t even want to see me,” he sentenced.

Ethel Pozo was outraged when she said that Jefferson Farfán did not pass it.

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Magaly will send her cameras to Matute after the fight between Farfán and Hurtado: “It is more important than entertainment”

According to Magaly Medina, more interesting things would be happening in Peruvian soccer now than in the ‘Chollywood’ show business, regarding the fight between Jefferson Farfán and Paolo Hurtado, and it would be worth being at the scene to be able to inform the public so he will send his cameras to Matute.

“How ugly isn’t it? That the newspapers today are saying that these two players settle their differences with blows, how ugly Peruvian soccer has become, how interesting it has become, I’m going to have to send my cameras to Matute. That is more important than entertainment”, said ‘la Urraca’.

Magaly Medina went with everything when talking about soccer players.