Rodrigo González to Magaly for criticizing Guerrero’s party: He forgets that he also held meetings

Rodrigo gonzalez The host of Amor y fuego and one of the most influential characters in entertainment journalism, gave his opinion on the criticism issued by Magaly Medina about the party that Paolo Guerrero celebrated for his 38th birthday on January 1 of this year.

The communicator was not silent and gave a memory lesson to his colleague, reminding him that she also participated in social gatherings in the middle of the pandemic.

In their stories of Instagram the so-called ‘Peluchín’ quoted his comment and decided to respond to him.

“It’s true, Paolo doesn’t have a crown and he shouldn’t have had a party, but Magaly forgets that she also held meetings during the pandemic and even recorded a video for the notary in the middle of the second wave next to Darcourt, another irresponsible and recidivist ”, put the television host.

In an interview with a local media, Magaly medina expressed his outrage at the party organized to celebrate Paolo Guerrero’s birthday, since it took place at the beginning of the third wave of COVID-19.

According to the images that went viral on social networks, social distancing and the use of a mask in the closed space were not respected. The venue brought together nearly 100 people, including guests and entertainers.

“It seems to me a great irresponsibility what Paolo Guerrero did, taking into account that people were forbidden to go to the beaches, which are open spaces. It was really terrible that he organized that meeting, ”said the ATV figure.

Also, he questioned the late reaction of the authorities to sanction the act.

“That should have been before, but as Paolo Guerrero is… Here, in this country, people like him have a crown. The rest of us must abide by the rules, and still happy and content they upload their images to their social networks because for them it is normal, “he said.

“So, I say: Why sanction some and not others? Why make a rule that some are going to follow and others are not? ”He added to Trome.