Rodrigo Valle denies resuming a friendly relationship with Xoana Gonzáles: “I already cut the thread”

Xoana González lives a great work and personal present since the beginning of her relationship with Javier González and her foray into OnlyFans. As a result of the sale of explicit content together with her partner through this platform, Argentina has amassed a good amount of money, which has even allowed her to buy an apartment with just that income.

Regarding this, Rodrigo Valle, ex-partner of the model, was asked if he still has any kind of relationship with her due to his presence in Peru. The former reality boy categorically ruled out that there is even a relationship between the two, since they do not maintain any communication.

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“I already forgave, I forgave myself too, I already enjoyed his moment, now I’m living mine,” he told El Popular. Likewise, the bodybuilder commented on Xoana González’s OnlyFans account and assured that Argentina would do even better with it.

“Picón I’m not here, but in reality he would have done better with me than with his partner now,” he added.

In July 2020, Rodrigo Valle sent a harsh comment to Xoana González after learning that she would marry Javier González. The Argentine ended the relationship with his compatriot badly, so he reminded him of his infidelity.

“You are fucking me. First I learn to be faithful,” said the bodybuilder for En Exclusiva. Then he added: “Yes, of course (I wish him the best), but be faithful, let’s say, respect him, right?”