Roman Reigns is the tribal chief: Defeated Brock Lesnar in WWE Crown Jewel 2021

WE Crown Jewel 2021 was held this Thursday, October 21, at the Mohammed Abdo Arena in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Roman Reigns defeated Lesnar thanks to the support of The Usos, his cousins. It will take you all the details of WWE Crown Jewel 2021, the complete card, the channel guide, the schedules and the incidents with the videos of the fights.

Becky Lynch retains WWE 2021 title

Without a doubt, they also fight and so did Becky Lynch against Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair who went in search of the title but after the bell they regretted losing. Now Becky Lynch goes to Smack Down with the title.

Big E retains WWE Championship title

For the WWE Championship, Big E beat Drew McIntyre in one of the best fights of the day at Crown Jewel 2021. The spectators enjoyed this great fight.

Xavier Woods is the new King of the Ring at Crown Jewel 2021

Surprise came in the ring when Xavier Woods used his ability to overcome favorite Finn Balor in the King of the Ring final. The fighter suffered to beat Balor but good technique made him reach the 3-count.

Goldberg beats Bobby Lashley at Crown Jewel 2021

One of the best WWE fights was given by Goldberg with Bobby Lashley. In freestyle, the historic Goldberg withstood Lashley’s attacks and even beat Shleton Benjamin’s surprise attack who came in to help Bobby Lashley. Near the end, a strong spear from Goldberg left his rival unanswered and defeated him.

The first Queen of the Ring at Crown Jewel 2021

Zelina Vega beat Doudrop in the final of the Queen of the Ring, the Latina took advantage of her ability and defeated her rival as quickly as possible. In the end she was decorated for her triumph.

Randy Orton and Matt Riddle win against AJ Styles and Omos

Tremendous what was done by the duo between Orton and Riddle that surpassed Styles and Omos who still do not understand each other in the ring. They also retain the WWE tag team championship. In the end Randy Orton made an RKO and Matt Riddle finished with the count.

Mansoor win over Mustafa at Crown Jewel 2021

In the second fight, Mansoor defeated Mustafa in a matter of minutes. The highlight of the meeting was the entry of the silver medal in Tokyo 2020 of Karate to defend Mansoor after the attack from Mustafa’s back.

Edge win over Seth Rollings at Crown Jewel 2021

In the ‘Hell in Cell’ fight, Edge showed all his experience and endured all the blows of Seth Rollings. Both gave it their all and used different tools to damage each other, they applied their classic keys but in the end the ‘Category R’ fighter won.


Seven fights that promise to captivate WWE fans. Big E will put his world title on the line against Drew McIntyre, who promised to take the gold to SmackDown and show that he is the best in the men’s division.

Edge vs. Seth rollins

The fight that will mark the end of a rivalry that fell in love with the Universe. Edge, tired of the threats of Seth Rollins, accepted his challenge and their confrontation will take place in the infernal cell.

Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar

The ‘Tribal Chief’ will defend his Universal title against his ‘Black Beast’. Brock Lesnar returned to WWE and challenged Roman Reigns. The monarch did not hesitate to accept the fight and thanks to the advice of Paul Heyman, he is confident of coming out with the gold from Saudi Arabia.

WWE Crown Jewel 2021: official event card

WWE Crown Jewel 2021 and the undercard

WWE Crown Jewel 2021 Billboard
Universal title match: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Brock Lesnar
Triple Threat Match for the Smack Down Women’s Title: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Bianca Belair vs. Sasha banks
WWE Title Match: Big E (c) vs. Drew McIntyre
No holds barred match: Goldberg vs. Bobby lashley
Hell in a Cell match: Edge vs. Seth rollins
Fight for the tag team titles on Raw: RK-Bro vs. AJ Styles and Omos
Mansoor vs. Mustafa ali
King of the Ring tournament finals: Finn Balor vs. Xavier Woods
Queen’s Crown tournament finals: Zelina Vega vs. Doudrop

WWE Crown Jewel 2021: what time the event starts


Peru11:00 hours
Mexico11:00 hours
Argentina13:00 hours
Bolivia12:00 hours
chili12:00 hours
Colombia11:00 hours
Ecuador11:00 hours

WWE Crown Jewel via PPV to watch online

The transmission of the WWE Crown Jewel event will be in charge of Peacock for the United States, Star Action in Latin America and by WWE Network anywhere in the world, including Latam and except for the United States.

Where to see STAR ACTION LIVE, WWE Crown Jewel 2021 from Peru?

You will be able to follow all the struggles of WWE Crown Jewel 2021 by Star Action LIVE. Next we leave you the list of channels to tune in this signal.

  • Star Action by Movistar TV: channel 184 SD
  • Star Action by Movistar TV: channel 197 HD
  • Star Action by Movistar TV: channel 788 HD
  • Star Action on DirecTV: channel 561 SD
  • Star Action on DirecTV: channel 1561 HD
  • Star Action on Claro TV: channel 82 SD
  • Star Action by Claro TV: channel 1638 HD

Where to see Star Action LIVE from Argentina


  • Channel 132 HD in Antina


  • Channel 561 SD / HD on DirecTV
  • Channel 261 on InTV


  • Channels 463 SD and 1062 HD in Telecentre
  • Channels 463 Digital and 950 HD in Superchannel
  • Channel 263 HD in Flow
  • Channel 515 HD in Gigared
  • Channel 474 on Express
  • Channels 233 SD and 142 HD in Telered


  • Channel 263 HD in Flow
  • Channel 406 HD on Movistar TV
  • Channel 261 HD on Dibox
  • Channel 626 HD on Claro TV
  • Where to see Star Action LIVE from Mexico

Where to see Star Action LIVE from Mexico


  • Channel 435 on SKY
  • Channel 465 on Star TV
  • Channels 434 SD and 934 HD in Dish


  • Channels 474 SD, 476 SD West and 1474 HD in Megacable
  • Channel 652/948 HD on Izzi
  • Channels 822 SD East, 823 SD West and 989 HD East on Gigacable


  • Channels 474 HD and 476 SD West on Xview +
  • Channel 416 HD in TotalPlay

Where to see Star Action LIVE from Chile


  • Channels 561 SD / HD and 1561 HD on DirecTV
  • Channels 648 SD and 930 HD on Movistar TV
  • Channel 272 on TuVes HD
  • Channel 290 HD on Entel TV HD
  • Channels 282 SD and 782 HD on Claro TV


  • Channels 479 SD and 812 HD on VTR
  • Channels 282 SD and 782 HD on Claro TV
  • Channel 599 HD in Mundo Digital


  • Channels 275 East, 276 West and 805 HD in Gtd / Telsur
  • Channels 648 SD and 930 HD on Movistar TV
  • Channel 290 HD in Entel
  • Channel 331 HD on Cable de la Costa

How to watch WWE Crown Jewel 2021 on WWE Network?

The event WWE Crown Jewel 2021 It can also be seen on the WWE Network website and application via live streaming over the Internet.