Romeo Santos: bomb threat paralyzes his concert at the Movistar Arena in Chile

Romeo santos has a successful world tour called “Formula Vol.3”, as it has filled stadiums in various countries. A very good experience for the singer, which was abruptly interrupted in recent days by a bomb threat just an hour before at his concert at the Movistar Arena in Chile. In the following note know all the details.

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An anonymous call alerted the police from Chile, who quickly went to the place to verify the fact. The message was that an explosive device was in the O’Higgins park (where the Movistar Arena is located) shortly before Romeo Santos showed up.

Daniel Merino, general producer of Bizarro, those in charge of organizing the concerts of the interpreter of “Hilito” and other artists of international stature, issued a statement through their social networks and asserted that they activated the contingency plan for this type of case. “All the necessary protocols that exist in the compound were activated. The Special Operations Group (GOPE) arrived and an immediate review was applied”.

Producer narrates what happened

Daniel He gave details of how the alarm was dealt with, because there were already 7,000 people in the Movistar Arena waiting for the ‘King of Bachata’. “The protocol indicates that the first thing to do is check with the GOPE, which arrived in five minutes, the entire area where there is a public and then the exterior parts.”

Likewise, the organizer affirmed that calm was maintained at all times, since the attendees needed to be calm so that panic did not complicate the operation. The inspection lasted more than half an hour, confirming that no bombs were found and that everything was under control.

Romeo Santos started his show half an hour late. Photo: Romeo Santos / Instagram

“Then, the people who had already entered their places were kept and the doors were closed so that no more public could enter. The GOPE took 45 minutes to review the place and it was confirmed that the artifact did not exist and that it was a false alarm, ”he concluded.

Romeo Santos he was able to give his show starting at 10 pm. The bad experience of some attendees did not affect the mood of the singer, who knew how to overcome his professionalism. It should be noted that the tense situation was experienced before the artist was on stage.