Rosa Fuentes’ account on Instagram is false, her sister told Instarándula: “She closed her account indefinitely”

As?! It seems that it was all a lie. as a result of ampay who presented Magaly Medina in which Paolo Hurtado is shown being unfaithful to Rosa Fuentes with jossmery Toledo, all the media were attentive to the statements of the parties involved.

And it is that Pink Font would have closed the issue with a statement announcing his temporary retirement from instagram after the shelter However, days later a new account appeared that seemed to indicate the return of Paolo Hurtado’s still wife to social networks, but it would be a false account.

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“Samu, good afternoon, can you inform me that my sister does not have an account instagram and neither TikTok. Only Facebook way because it’s family and friends. She closed her account indefinitely “says the sister of Rosa Fuentes to instarandulawho replicates the message on social networks.

This message informs that all messages replicated from the instagram username ‘rosifs_16’ would be handled with a person outside Rosa Fuentes and relatives, thus it is also finally confirmed that the official media outlet of Rosa Fuentes’s wife Paolo Hurtado It’s his Facebook page.

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Melissa Klug sympathizes with Rosa Fuentes and “pulls ears” to Paolo Hurtado

He spoke loud and clear. Melissa Klüg She usually stays away from controversies concerning other figures, but in this case she could not stop commenting on the harsh situation she is experiencing Rosa Fuentes after the controversial ampay of Paolo Hurtado and Jossmery Toledo. Given this, the chalaca gave him all her support.

In conversation with the cameras of america showsin a note issued this Wednesday, April 19, the popular ‘White of Chucuito‘ couldn’t stop speaking out again about the actions of the ‘Caballito’ Hurtado, and he sent a message of encouragement to his still wife, as well as to his children.