Rosa Fuentes celebrates her birthday and shares a message of improvement: “Reborn”

The still wife of Paolo Hurtado, Rosa Fuentes, was more active than ever in her social networks and this time he shared a beautiful publication where he showed how he lived his birthday. As expected, she received hundreds of messages from her congratulating her on this special date, in addition to her, they sent her the best vibes from her so that she can move forward with her children and not return to the soccer player.

In the image he released, he is seen at his table that was set up for his name day and he poses very smiling for the photo. “Being reborn” is how she described this moment.

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His followers immediately reacted with positive comments and asked him to remain firm in his decision not to give his children’s father a chance. “Do not go back with your decision, strengthen yourself with mother and wife”, “Be strong and do not allow anyone to make you bow your head”, “God will bless your life and that of your family for so much strength,” they wrote to him.

Likewise, in his stories on this same social network, he put part of the lyrics of ‘La cura’ as a musical background. “If they tell you that I’m healing, it’s the truth”, she listens to herself. With this, she shows that she is leaving her past behind after breaking up her marriage of almost 10 years due to the infidelity of “Caballito” with Jossmery Toledo.

However, the Peruvian national team would be making efforts to recover his family and it is known that on Mother’s Day he would have sent her flowers and even sent her mariachis. “I would have liked them in another situation, obviously. Roses and tulips also arrived, my favorites,” Rosa said about it.

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Rosa Fuentes said that Paolo Hurtado wanted to have another son

Paolo Hurtado’s ex, Rosa Fuentes, gave an interview to Magaly Medina where she revealed that she is expecting a baby boy and that the soccer player was happy with it. “Just yesterday we all found out because it was also a surprise. He (by Paolo Hurtado) did want a little man, I was between a little woman or a man, but hey, it is what God sends us, ”she maintained.

“He is also happy because he did want one more little man,” he added. For La Urraca, the footballer must be very sorry for his betrayal because now he wants Rosa to give him another chance.