Rosa Fuentes goes ahead after threats from Paolo Hurtado and leaves a meaningful message: “I’m still standing for my children”

Fire! Rosa Fuentes is going through a difficult time after the new ampay of Paolo Hurtado and Jossmery Toledo, especially when she is pregnant with her third child. However, she does not let this intimidate her and that is why she chose to give priority to her children.

A few weeks ago, in his official account of instagramthe wife of ‘Caballito’ Hurtado He had said that he would never delete images with it because they were part of his memories of the past, but then he deleted his account and now he took an important step.

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In your new account Instagram, Rosa Fuentes would have decided to eliminate all traces of Paolo Hurtado after this new ampay with Jossmery Toledo, where they both spent the whole weekend together and with their families in some exclusive bungalows in Santa Eulalia. However, she also gave a message to her children.

“To my children… You are my life, you are not going to destroy me, I will never allow anything bad to happen to you or harm you, it is because of you that I am still standing, because of you who are my greatest motivation,” he said.

YOU CAN SEE: Rosa Fuentes made a radical decision after threats from Paolo Hurtado and deleted him from her social networks

What else did Rosa Fuentes say?

Rosa Fuentes He also chose to share important self-improvement messages on his platform, making it clear that this separation from paolo hurtador he won’t beat her. What’s more, she assured that it will not affect the life of her children and the relationship with her father.

“No one is going to stop me, I will get ahead with my children, with threats from people who do not have blood on their faces, with ridiculous and blind people. Understand once and for all, the lawsuit belongs to the parents, not to the children,” said the soccer player’s ex-partner.

In addition, Rosa Fuentes stressed that she always watched over the soccer career of Paolo Hurtado, but it would not seem to matter to him because he continues to publicly date Jossmery Toledo, a woman who is not his wife. “My children do not have to go through this, I always tried to take care of their career. I can forgive you for not knowing how to take care of myself, but never the mistreatment of my children. Everything is paid for in this life, ”he said.