Rosalía: the microphone accidentally captured everything the singer says to her dancers before a presentation

After being one of the artists who has done the best last year with the ‘boom’ of her latest album, Rosalía is now receiving comments for a video of hers on networks that has gone viral. It is a recording where an audio is heard with the voice of the Catalan artist giving a brief motivational speech to her dancers, before going on stage. What did the interpreter of ‘cake‘?

The moment would not have been prepared and it would be a coordination failure with the sound engineer, who left the microphone channel of the rosalia while having an intimate moment with his work team. “This is the first show we do, I hope they feel proud of this,” the singer initially expressed.

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“I feel very happy, very blessed that they are here. I really hope they enjoy the stage. I want them to know that I admire and love them,” were the emotional words with which Rauw Alejandro’s couple he sought to fill his dance interpreters with confidence.

The moment was not overlooked by the thousands of followers that Rosalía has on the internet and that she has won by hand with her songs, blending with her audience, as has been recorded before cameras on several occasions.

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Rosalía and her message after performing at Lollapalooza

Rosalía had a moment to thank her audience who listened to her at the Lollapalooza festival, she showed her love for her followers through her networks and expressed that she felt the warmth of the people who went to see her on that occasion.

In addition, he demonstrated the attachment he has with his dancers, since he also posted a photograph with them. The moment was captured when everyone shared a hug, after giving one of the most outstanding presentations of the event.