Rosángela confesses if she would return to This is war, but she retracts and offers Zumba classes [VIDEO]

Threatens to return. The former reality girl Rosángela Espinoza was questioned by the hosts of Amor y Fuego, Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter, who ruthlessly tried to get some revelations about their passage through This is war. One of the confessions that the popular model answered was if she was thinking of returning to the television show, and this is what she said.

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“It gives the impression, I tell you because I am in constant contact with social networks, which says that as in the promo you go out that you are going to tell my truth, but that at the time of the hour you are very fearful, like that ‘I already regretted it’, as if you had received a call, as if they had threatened you with something … People say it and perceive it, “he expressed, evidencing his discomfort Peluchín in the absence of words from the ‘Rouss’.

Faced with these statements, the ‘Selfie Girl’ made her position clear and revealed that she would be trying to take care of her image and avoiding releasing data that could harm her: “I think it is convenient to say what I think and what I feel, no one, I think, will to say what I have to do … I must take care of myself, because what one says will remain forever “.

So that Gigi Miter he launched himself with everything and asked the former EEG member If he would be hurting to return to América TV: “If you received an offer from This is war, would you accept?”. That was the question that Rosángela Espinoza She replied, although she later retracted: “I’m super fine, but yes, ha, ha, ha. No, I’m not very calm with my yoga and Zumba projects, my clothes (…) I’m in, where? Can America Televisión just bet on me? “

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Why did Rosángela Espinoza cry in an interview with Amor y Fuego?

The reality girl Rosángela Espinoza does not deny the existence of the video against the program she participated in for five years, but assured that it is not she who has it, but she left clues about the person who was the untouchable of the space. She revealed she already knew she was going to be fired from This is war and that one of the reasons was his visit to Elijah Montalvo when he was taken to the clinic after falling live.

“When I was a block away from the clinic, going to visit Elías, they called me on EEG so that I wouldn’t go. They told me that if I went to visit him, I would be out of the program. It was totally unfair, and I said: ‘Then I’m out of the program. ‘Then I received a message saying that I went to put on my show and I don’t know what else, “he confessed.