Rosángela Espinoza after interview in Amor y fuego: “Whatever they say, I’ll keep moving forward”

Ignore criticism. This Wednesday, January 12, Rosángela Espinoza He appeared in Amor y fuego to talk with Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter about their commented departure from Esto es guerra. However, during her interview on the Willax show, there were times when the model did not want to answer the questions asked by the drivers.

Thus, after passing through the TV space, the former reality girl went to her social networks to ensure that she had a great time on the program.

“I had a great time. My first invitation this year. Whatever they say, I will continue to advance #buenasvibras “, wrote on his Instagram.

Rosángela Espinoza was sincere and could not help but be moved by confessing the true reason for his departure from This is war. According to the model, the production would have decided to kick her out of the contest program after visiting Elías Montalvo in the clinic after falling from the top while playing one of the games.

“When I was a block away from the clinic going to visit Elías, they called me for EEG so that I wouldn’t go. They told me that if I went to visit him, I would be out of the program. It was totally unfair and I said, ‘So I’m off the show.’ Later I received a message saying that I went to put on my show and I don’t know what else ”, he specified.

Rosángela Espinoza surprised by showing off her great skill when playing the cajon, with which she delighted with a celebration and made Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter dance. This happened during his visit to Amor y fuego on January 12. After finishing the interview, the model showed off her best steps and was convinced to show her great skill with the Peruvian instrument.