Rosángela Espinoza assures that they miss her in EEG, but she will not return “I am in others”

The Peruvian model and influencer Rosángela Espinoza is in USA enjoying the beautiful landscapes and different tourist spots of the American country. However, she always gives her followers a space and time to answer her questions and doubts, that is when she was asked if she would be willing to return to This is war. What did she reply? We’ll tell you then.

As we remember, the Peruvian model traveled to USA to develop new personal projects and end his career Marketing, which is why to this day he is still in the North American country. In recent days, Rosángela Espinoza has also shown herself visiting Las Vegas along with the Peruvian youtuber Zeinbut he never misses an opportunity to chat with his fans.

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“Will you go in This is war? It would be bombshell news,” a fan asked Rosangela Espinoza. “They miss me, I know they miss me. But I’m already in others” she replies in her Instagram stories, removing any possibility that she can be reinstated to the team America TV.

As you remember, Rosangela Espinoza was until last year in This is warhowever, the trip he made to Dubai to see the World Cup Final would have generated consequences and a friction with the producers of the América TV program, which led to his departure from the competition. Because of these facts, the model chose to head off and focus on her new projects.

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‘Amor y Fuego’ reporter is trolled by Rosángela Espinoza’s “friend”

The reality girl Rosángela Espinoza also enjoyed the concert of Alejandro Sanzbut she did not arrive alone, but she did accompanied by Carlos Terroneswhom she has always said is her friend.

Carlos Terrones He ended up trolling the ‘Amor y Fuego’ reporter, when the latter asked him how he saw Rosangela Espinoza. The press man was concerned if he was interested in her. “She’s a friend of hers. I see her with my eyes”, he replied, generating the graceful reaction of the communicator.