Rosángela Espinoza clarifies her relationship with Omar Macchi: “Who doesn’t like it?”

In mid-October 2021, an ampay of Rosángela Espinoza in a nightly meeting with Omar Macchi known as the ‘King of the casinos’. This approach between the model and the businessman was addressed in the program Love and fire.

Drivers Gigi Miter and Rodrigo González did not hesitate to consult the popular ‘Selfie Girl’ about those images that linked her with Macchi.

Rosángela Espinoza clarified that she does not have a relationship with the businessman and they are not friends either. “Nothing happens. No (I’m not with him) I’m not friends with Omar. She has never (dated him) “ He said.

Regarding the ampay, the model explained that it was a meeting where other people attended and not an appointment as had been speculated.

But nevertheless, Rosángela Espinoza made it clear that Omar macchi he is an attractive man for her.

“Who doesn’t like Omar Macchi? He’s a handsome boy. I find him an attractive boy, good position, I may like him. The future is uncertain ”, he commented.

The cameras of Magaly TV, the firm approached Rosángela Espinoza after the broadcast of the video that would romantically link the model with Omar Macchi.

“I send my regards to Magaly. I’m going. I am very single, ”said the young woman.

Omar Macchi is known as the ‘King of the casinos’ for being the owner of Atlantic City, one of the most famous and important casinos in South America, which he obtained after a family inheritance. He also owns a chain of slot machines across the country and has Lamborghini-brand cars valued at more than $ 500,000.