Rosángela Espinoza cleans up social networks and deletes EEG photos

The model Rosángela Espinoza deleted all his posts about the reality show This is war from Instagram. In her stories, the popular ‘Selfie Girl’ announced a “digital cleaning” of her social networks, where she was deleting everything that she did not consider necessary within her platforms.

“Digital cleaning,” Espinoza wrote in one of his Instagram stories, where he explained why he was deleting all those publications. “Just like you clean your house by taking out everything you don’t need and fixing your things. In this way you should do the same with your electronic devices and social networks ”.

The former reality girl asked her followers to guess which posts she deleted. “Your photos in EEG“One of them commented, to which Rosángela commented:” Yes. The beautiful memories are kept in my (heart) ”. In the same way, he recalled that he would turn five in reality in February if he had not retired: “How quickly time passes.”

Likewise, Espinoza deleted the tiktoks with Pancho rodriguez because he assured that he will soon record more with the Chilean: “(I erase them) because I have them in TikTok. Also, very soon I will see Panchito Panchito. And we will record some tiktoks anyway ”.

On the other hand, the influencer highlighted that one of the publications that she will not delete is the one where she appears with her second glass of The big show. “I will never delete this post. When I won the second cup with Lucas Piro ”, he indicated.

It should be remembered that Espinoza appears in the top five of the most followed Peruvians on Instagram and has more than 4.2 million followers. When the popular ‘Girl Selfie’ left This is War and traveled to Mexican lands in search of new opportunities, her photos in the Telemundo facilities generated a stir, so she returned to national territory and has resumed children’s shows in recent weeks .