Rosángela Espinoza eats clay in Puno and surprises with her reaction: “Great”

The former member of “This is war” Rosángela Espinoza arrived in the Puno region as part of a tourist tour. The influencer was amazed at the attractions of the altiplano region and she was encouraged to eat clay. This fact has generated various reactions on her TikTok account, since the popular ‘Selfie Girl’ had a unique reaction.

According to his video published on said platform, Rosangela Espinoza He ate a little of this unique food from Puno. A tour guide explained the benefits of this type of medicinal clay, also known in Puno as chako.

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In the pictures you can see how Rosangela Espinoza she tries the clay and is pleasantly surprised with the taste. Given this, he was encouraged to try this composition that is diluted in water for the second time. It should be noted that this type of element is found deep in the tunnels and is known for its medicinal properties, especially at the digestive level.

In this regard, many users were surprised by this type of food that the influencer consumed. Meanwhile, others highlighted the important benefits of chako. “Great”, “My parents and grandparents ate it, very tasty”, “The chako is very good”, “It is delicious, you can eat it with watia and cheese”, indicated users on TikTok.

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rosangela He is dedicated to his social networks and is seen much more often on them, especially on TikTok and Twitch. There he usually interacts much more with his followers through questions and live videos. In addition, it is known that he completed his Marketing career at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC).

Besides that, rosangela record contents in USA, where he traveled in order to generate income on the aforementioned platforms and occasionally joins social media figures. He is also engaged in sports.

Rosángela Espinoza was invited to the streaming of the influencer Zein, who lives in the United States. Photo: Composition LR/Instagram/Rosángela Espinoza/EEG