Rosángela Espinoza has Omar Macchi in her sights: “I may like it, the future is uncertain”

The model Rosángela Espinoza appeared on the program Love and fire to tell details of his personal and professional life. Thus, the television hosts did not hesitate to ask him about the link he has with the businessman Omar Macchi with whom he was romantically related a few months ago. What did he say?

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The popular ‘Rouss’ pointed out that any girl can like the ‘King of casinos’, as he is an attractive man. “Who doesn’t like Omar Macchi? He’s a handsome boy,” he said. However, Peluchín gave him the opposite, as he assured that he is not his type.

“I don’t like it, we don’t like it,” he clarified. Despite this, the ‘Selfie Girl’ continued to throw flowers to Omar Macchi. “He seems to me an attractive boy, good position, I may like him. The future is uncertain, ”he replied.

Let us remember that Magaly Medina’s cameras captured Rosángela Espinoza having a very entertaining time with Omar Macchi. The meeting was guarded by the security of the businesswoman in order to prevent the ‘Urraca’ reporters from recording them.

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Rosángela Espinoza reappears on América TV after leaving This is war

Rosángela Espinoza announced that she will return to the América Televisión facilities, but for an interview at América Espectáculos. Let us remember that she initially implied that she was banned from the television house after abrupt departure from This is War. “Tomorrow in America Shows,” said Rosángela Espinoza.