Rosángela Espinoza scared after strong earthquake in Lima: “How horrible” [VIDEO]

To take precautions. The former participant of This is War, Rosángela Espinoza, was very scared, after the strong earthquake of magnitude 5.6 that was felt in the Lima region at 5:27 in the morning of this Friday, January 7.

Through your account Instagram, the former reality girl recorded a video in which she is seen shocked by the situation and asks her mother to be calm in the face of the intensity of the shaking.

“Horrible. Mommy, calm down ”, is what the ‘selfie girl’ is heard saying at first, and later focus on the outside of her house.

Rosángela He also asked his followers to take care of themselves. Let us remember that we must have an emergency backpack on hand and leave our homes calmly.

Rosángela throws dirt on EEG and erases all traces of her networks: “Taking out what you don’t need”

Rosángela Espinoza surprised locals and strangers by being eliminated from This is War months ago, and now she decided to do the same by returning them with everything in their social networks.

In her official Instagram account, the popular ‘Selfie Girl’ used her stories to publicize that she removed all traces of her exprogram from that platform as part of a “digital cleanup.”

“Just like you clean your house by taking out everything you don’t need and fixing your things. In this way, you must do the same with your electronic devices and social networks ”, stated the model, who asked her followers to guess which publications she deleted.