Rosángela Espinoza talks about a possible relationship with the youtuber Andynsane: “It’s collaboration”

Rosángela Espinoza is away from the small screen after not being part of ‘This is war’. However, today he drew attention when he reappeared in front of the cameras and, in conversation with ‘Love and fire’, tell some unpublished details of his personal life. Likewise, he decided to clarify the rumors about an alleged relationship more than friendly with Andynsane.

This June 23, the willax program shared the recent statements of the popular ‘Selfie Girl’, who is ‘breaking’ it in Twitch. In addition, the influencer surprised by telling her projects for this year and how she is doing on the platform, far from the competition reality that stops her “vetoing”, as she stated.

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What kind of relationship does Rosángela Espinoza have with Andynsane?

Through conversation with a reporter from the space of Rodrigo González and Gigi MiterRosángela Espinoza could not avoid responding about her closeness to andthe youtuber ‘Zein’, who has also garnered attention on Twich. “You have been seen a lot on broadcasts on Twitch with Andynsane, suddenly, he is also a little Chinese, who knows, maybe something is wrong?” they asked him.

Given this, the popular ‘Rous’ He responded with a nervous laugh: “It’s a collaboration, that is, I can’t collaborate with anyone? (…) Right now.” Meanwhile, when asked if something would happen to him in the future, she responded emphatically: “No.”

On the other hand, the former member of This is war He talked about his upcoming projects and his trip abroad. “It is in my plans to go to Korea in September,” she emphasized. Finally, she stressed that she values ​​love more than money. “For me, a wallet does not kill a lover, for me, the most important thing is love,” she said.

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Magaly Medina and the time she questioned the closeness of Rosángela Espinoza with Andynsane

A few months ago, Magaly Medina was sent with everything and hesitated to Rosangela Espinoza for his close link to the youtuber. He also reminded her that she boasted of an affair with a sheikh in Dubai.

“She is looking at how to generate more money with the TikTok, He went to meet her in Texas and they’ve been having some kind of weird flirtations. I say, poor thing, she didn’t go to Dubai, she told us that she had met the sheikh of the family that owns all the oil in Qatar? And it turns out that now she stayed in the desert, to go make costumes for a youtuber. Oh, Rosángela”. She began by saying the ‘Magpie’.

“That’s why it’s better not to talk or boast about anything, she was bragging that she came to dazzle all the sheikhs of the Middle East (…) That she got a millionaire husband, yes or yes, and suddenly she ends up quietly here and He has to fly to see this (…) He ended up with a youtuber, run down, in flirtations,” added the journalist.