Rosángela Espinoza: Users describe her as “the girlfriend of the World Cup” [FOTO]

In less than a week, Rosángela Espinoza returned to Qatar, this time to support the Argentina team that today became the world champion. The influencer broke the piggy bank, for the second time, to reach the United Arab Emirates and fulfill this dream.

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The reality girl surprised locals and strangers by returning so soon to that country to experience the grand finale of Argentina vs. France. In networks, users congratulated her for returning to Qatar and celebrate in style with the Argentines who won against the French.

“The girlfriend of the World Cup”, “The true girlfriend of the World Cup”, “Congratulations, Rocha”, were some of the comments from the followers of the remembered ‘Selfie Girl’. However, there were others who described it as ‘salty’ before knowing the triumph of the gauchos.

It is worth mentioning, rosangela posted from Lusail Stadium in Qatar which has so far more than 35 thousand ‘likes’. “Here I was in the final. We winoooosssss #argentina I always said superior Argentina,” wrote the also bachata dancer.

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Rosángela Espinoza sends detractors to “bathe”: “I give luck”

On December 13, Rosangela EspinozaTired of the criticism for “salting” Brazil and Portugal, she ordered the users who kicked her out for having been the culprit of the elimination of both soccer teams to “bath with soap and water.”

“I give luck,” said the model and influencer in her networks, defending herself against network attacks. With the Argentina shirt well on, today, she screamed, she was moved and moved by the tremendous goals of the soccer crack, Lionel Messi.