Rosángela Espinoza wants to return to EEG, but she retracts: “Only América TV can bet on me?”

Rosángela Espinoza He appeared last Wednesday, January 12, in Amor y fuego to talk about everything he experienced during his stay in This is war.

The former reality girl spent fun and sad moments with the drivers Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter. And in the middle of the interview, the presenter did not hesitate to ask him if he is thinking of returning to EEG.

“If you get an offer from This is war, would you accept?” Miter launched Rosángela Espinoza who initially said yes, but after a few seconds she pointed out that she is focused on her business and that any channel could hire her.

“I am very well, but yes Hahaha. No, I’m not very calm with my yoga and zumba projects, my clothes (…) I’m in, where? Could America Televisión just bet on me? “ He said.

Rosángela Espinoza clarified in Amor y Fuego that she was fired from This is War for visiting Elías Montalvo in the clinic after the spectacular accident he suffered in one of the games.

“When I was a block from the clinic, going to visit Elías, they called me for EEG so that I wouldn’t go. They told me that if I went to visit him, I would be out of the program. It was totally unfair, and I said, ‘So I’m off the show.’ Later I received a message saying that I went to put on my show and I don’t know what else ”, he explained.

Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter were upset with Rosángela Espinoza because the model did not want to answer the key questions.

“What you are showing us now is that even that was a character of yours, because now that you are free, without contracts (with any channel), you are tying yourself up, I see you more gagged, you look like a geisha from America TV. Since you’ve arrived here, you haven’t said anything, ”González said.