Rosángela ‘puts the tie on’ and goes on Willax Tv: “America is not the only channel that can bet on me”

Looking to saw Gigi Miter? Rosángela Espinoza was this Wednesday afternoon, January 12, being interviewed in Amor y Fuego to tell many of her truths after leaving This is War, however, she did not waste time to take advantage of and sell her image to Willax Tv.

As the ‘selfie girl’ hinted, she would be a significant pull for the channel, since her way of being so direct and her ‘pretty’ physique would give her the plus so that Rodrigo gonzalez can carry a better program, he even dared to do his own live casting.

“America is not the only channel that can bet on me”, Rous commented, which caused Rodrigo González to not be able to hold back the laughter and only looked at her without being able to believe the show he was doing.

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For its part, Gigi Miter He pointed out that the three could form a single program, however, it was Peluchín who lowered his finger to Rous for having ‘sold smoke’ and not having told what he had promised for months.

Rosángela Espinoza has Omar Macchi in her sights

Rosángela Espinoza He appeared on the program Amor y Fuego to tell details of his personal and professional life. Thus, the television hosts did not hesitate to ask him about the link he has with the businessman Omar Macchi with whom he was romantically related a few months ago.

“I don’t like it, we don’t like it,” he clarified. Despite this, the ‘Selfie Girl’ continued to throw flowers to Omar Macchi. “He seems to me an attractive boy, good position, I may like him. The future is uncertain, ”he replied.

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