Rosángela throws little dirt on EEG and erases all traces of her networks: “Taking out what you don’t need”

He said ‘bye’. Rosángela Espinoza surprised locals and strangers when she was eliminated from This is War months ago, and now she decided to do the same by returning them with everything in their social networks.

In her official Instagram account, the popular ‘Selfie Girl’ used her stories to publicize that she removed all traces of her exprogram from that platform as part of a “digital cleanup.”

Rosángela Espinoza He assured that he eliminated photographs and videos of his passage through EEG. “Digital Cleanup,” he wrote, explaining that he was trying to eliminate all the posts that were no longer needed in his life.

“Just like you clean your house by taking out everything you don’t need and fixing your things. In this way, you must do the same with your electronic devices and social networks ”, stated the model, who asked her followers to guess which publications she deleted.

Without mincing words, a follower told Rosángela Espinoza: “Your EEG photos”, and she affirmed it with everything. “Yes. The beautiful memories are kept in my (heart) ”, he admitted.

Moments later Rous He recalled on the day of his cleaning that he was days away from his fifth birthday after having debuted in This is War in February. “How fast time goes by,” he said.

In addition, Rosángela Espinoza He erased the Tiktoks with Pancho Rodríguez, but made it clear that he will soon record more with the Chilean. “(He deleted them) because I have them on Tiktok. Also very soon I will see Panchito Panchito. And we will record some tiktoks anyway, “he said.

Rosángela Espinoza reveals what she will not delete from her networks

Although he did do a general cleaning, Rosángela Espinoza He confirmed that not all his publications regarding América Televisión would have this destination, and revealed which one he will not delete from his social networks.

The former reality girl said that she will not erase the images she appears with her second glass of The Great Show a few years ago. “I will never delete this post. When I won the second cup with Lucas Piro ”, he specified.