RTVD highlights live news coverage among its programming priorities

Radio Televisión Dominicana (RTVD) in its programmatic and technological transformation process has among its priorities to offer extensive news coverage of the events that happen in the country, as was done with the recent passage of Hurricane Fiona, said the general director of channel 4, Ivan Ruiz.

It is RTVD’s mission, Ruiz stressed, to keep the Dominican population duly informed and oriented on everything that happens and can serve as a guide for their decisions in situations that generate collective interest.

“With Fiona’s recent visit to Dominican territory, we organized a 72-hour news marathon on RTVD, non-stop, live, from Saturday to last Tuesday, with an unprecedented news operation,” Ruiz said.

Fiona’s information session was coordinated by José Ramón Suero, press officer for RTVD’s “Central Noticias” news program, together with a team of journalists, cameramen and producers who defied danger to bring the news to the moment it was produced.

To the Eastern region, the most affected by Fiona, journalistic teams headed by Gioconda Paulino and Ramón Santana were sent, in addition to a network of collaborators in various provinces.

Likewise, dozens of calls were received through the telephone lines from people who reported situations in their communities or made suggestions or complaints.

The conduction was in charge of Rafaelina Bisonó and Alex Santiago, in addition to the intervention at different times of Wendy Mora, Charys Melo, Denisse Larrauri and Johanna Duvergé, among others.

Along with them, experts in meteorology, citizen security and relief agencies were invited to an information session to inform and guide, not to alarm.

RTVD is part of the State Radio and Television Corporation (CERTV), under the general direction of Iván Ruiz, and which also make up channel 17 Quisqueya Televisión, as well as the radio stations Dominicana FM, Quisqueya FM and Radio Santo. Sunday.