RTVD programming will be affected by a “Duartemania” on the occasion of the 210th anniversary of Duarte’s birth

Dominican Radio Television (RTVD) declared a “Duartemania” in its programming on the occasion of the commemoration of the 210th anniversary of the birth of patrician Juan Pablo Duarte, who was born on January 26, 1813.

“Duarte lives” is the name of a series of audiovisual pieces created to produce and broadcast content in homage to the greatest Dominican example of dedication to the conquest of the country’s freedom and which 210 years later is a source of pride.

During its programming, channel 4 presents all these days on its screen the different facets of Duarte: the military strategist, his work in art, his poetic work, family dedication, his thought of freedom and his value as a national heritage. In each of these facets, experts share their opinions and testimonies about the great contributions of the patrician to the identity of the Dominican people as an independent and sovereign republic. Among those consulted are Frank Moya Pons, Bernardo Vega, Roberto Cassá, Juan Daniel Balcácer, José Chez Checo, José del Castillo, José Miguel Soto Jiménez, Luisa Navarro, Josefina Burgos, Leo Silverio, Jeannette Miller, Wilson Gómez Ramírez and José Mármol. The television season of channel 4 on the occasion of the Month of the Homeland includes content referring to the Trinitarians as part of an audiovisual series that the state channel is producing for the first time with the figure of Duarte and the Trinitarians.

In February, “Duartemania” becomes the special “They were decided”, on the way to the new programming that will soon be on the new RTVD programming schedule.

“In January and February we have a Duartemania and the realization of special content throughout the Month of the Homeland like never before in the history of the channel,” said Iván Ruiz, general director of RTVD.

The elaboration of the contents is carried out by the creative unit of RTVD, the only one that exists in a television channel in the Dominican Republic, together with the production department of RTVD.

Channel 4 talents participate in the programmatic content, both children and adults, in a proposal for children, youth and the entire Dominican family.