Ruby Palomino after being sentenced in The Artist of the Year: “I feel outraged and disappointed”

The first time that Ruby Palomino stepped on the set of América Televisión was to accompany Isabel acevedo in the Queens finale of the show. After her appearance, her fans were surprised to see her in The Artist of the Year reality show hosted by Gisela Valcárcel. In just two galas of the reality show, the rock singer has proven to be one of the strongest participants.

At the last gala, Ruby Palomino was sentenced by her companions along with Elías Montalvo. Likewise, the singer revealed that in reality there are no friends and what happened with Estrella Torres made her open her eyes.

“I feel outraged and disappointed, but I know this is so, there are no friends here and what happened with Estrella made me land and open my eyes about this. Although she is not my friend, I believed in her talent and supported her, so I thought that when it would be her turn to mention her sentenced to leave the program it would be fair, and not only think of a strategy to eliminate me for being the stronger, “he told América TV.

In addition, Ruby spoke about her sentence with Elías Montalvo, who has many followers on his social networks. “It is enough to look at his Instagram and mine to realize the number of followers he has,” he said.

The participant of The Artist of the Year was surprised by the decision made by Estrella Torres, as she supported her when she performed the Versus with the sauce boat Yahaira Plasencia. “Actually, I haven’t talked much to her, in the moments that we meet I have told her: ‘what a great thing you’re singing’. Behind the scenes, in versus, I told him what my strategy was, I shared something that I shouldn’t have done, but well that’s life. I learned the lesson”, added.

Through her social networks, Estrella Torres spoke out and indicated that she did not make a good decision when choosing Ruby Palomino as the next sentenced of The Artist of the Year.

“I’ll be honest with you, friends: this gala did not make me very happy. Even though I won the versus and I had a good score, I am sorry that I did not make a good decision when sentencing Ruby; at the time I thought it was the right thing to do, since it is a competition and by strategy we must know what to do, “he wrote. “For me, Ruby is a great singer that I admire a lot and I would not like to have to face her later,” he added.

On the last November 20, in the second edition of The Artist of the Year, one of those sentenced was Ruby Palomino, which left Gisela Valcárcel very dismayed. “Elías Montalvo has been sentenced, but the competitors have sentenced Ruby Palomino. As I said yesterday, she is one of the strongest and they have sentenced her, ”said the television presenter during a video on Instagram.

After emerging victorious after having faced Christian Domínguez in a sentence, the tiktoker Elías Montalvo fell again in one, but this time with Ruby Palomino. In this sense, the participant disagreed with the score issued by the judges of The Artist of the Year in the second gala of the reality show.

I do not agree (with the score received), but I respect it. Juries know what they qualify for and I have nothing more to say. I think I am one of the people who like to take risks and have an artist concept such as singing, dancing, cheering, lifting the audience, and I feel that I do not agree with my score. I really want to stay here and do many beautiful things for The Artist of the Year and reach the final, “the young singer told the local newspaper Trome.